Jake persuades him that he is being played for a fool by the Profile (working for Daredevil) but he will not have it all. Due to public pressure, Iron Man immediately revoked Moon Knight's ID and told him he is no longer apart of the Initiative. Moon Knight was one of the infected heroes that formed the Vi-Locks Prime. In the middle of the fight with Spider-Man, Iron Fist and Shang-Chi, he was impaled by Elektra, but not before impaling a moon blade in her head when she was about to kill Black Cat. Originally created as a foil to Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night in 1975; Moon Knight was intended to be a one-shot villain, a mercenary who was much more sympathetic to his target than his employers. Er hat unter anderen schon Taskmaster besiegt. Strangely enough, seconds after saving the idol from being destroyed; a sudden desert sandstorm comes and blinds Azis and causes the temple to collapse on him, killing him. Marc first revisits Anubis, who aided in Marc's escape. Moon Knight first fought Spider-Man as he thought that he caused a building to explode, and he later got involved in a gang war between Kingpin and Hammerhead. While Spider-Man was being tortured by Kingpin, Ronin stood in the back; however, it turns out Fisk knew he was Moon Knight all along. ToyBiz released a Moon Knight figure for Marvel Legends line in. Unsure of how much of Khonshu's influence had on himself for the past few months led Marc to breaking off his relationship with Tigra and also abandoning his mystical weapons. He later worked in Roxxon Industries under the name of Paladin until Roxxon fell apart, and later adopted the guise of Moon Knight. Deadpool then met up with his employer, a mother whose son was kidnapped by the crime boss' henchmen. See: Moon Knight for the main version of the subject. It is so complex that the identities: Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Moon Knight, and a little red-haired girl actually speak to each other on what appears to be a playground. A new Moon Knight ongoing written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Alex Maleev was launched in 2011. Moon Knight also has a black variant of his armor used in stealth missions. Moon Knight finally received his own titular series in 1980; in which he received his death and resurrection by Khonshu origin. This series was a dramatic departure from past series moving Moon Knight to the West Coast and taking his mental troubles to extremes. With the knowledge that he is the "white-light" of Khonshu, he sets out to thwart their plans, receiving help from Stained Glass Scarlet as well. He has also utilized a longbow and arrows; a katana with a crescent moon-theme hilt guard; a three-sectional staff; and brass knuckles with spikes. During this period, Moon Knight had enhanced strength, stamina, and reflexes based on the lunar phase of the moon. He still appears to receive prophetic visions and a connection to Khonshu but it is unknown just how much is actually Khonshu's influence or Marc Spector's own mental hallucinations. "Well the secret is out. However, Bushman grew overconfident and was unprepared for Marc's brutal counterattack and then, in a fit of indescribable rage, Marc used one of his crescent darts to carve off Bushman's face, giving him a true death's head. When he did so anyways, she left their home and broke up with him. Konshu reminded him of his various acquisitions of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including enchanted weapons and armour. Recent modifications have enabled the paraglider cape to fit within a small backpack pouch for ease of movement and can be unfurled on command. But little did he knew that the attack was used to set-up Moon Knight to be captured by the Thunderbolts. Marc was involved with the 'Age of Ultron' crossover series, and is shown to be one of the few heroes left in the city of New York, after the Avengers' villain Ultron took power. Moon Knight and Bullseye fight all throughout New York and the battle leads them to a warehouse, which was secretly planted with many explosives. Bowen Designs released a Moon Knight statue and bust. Annoyed with Marc's betrayal, Bushman brutally beat Spector and abandoned him in the desert so he would suffer before he died. Watcher of Overnight Travelers He usually carries two identical truncheons. was disbanded. Produktinformationen "Moon Knight - Wächter der Nacht 1" Die Neuauflage der mega-düsteren, mega-brutalen Moon Knight -Saga von Top-Autor Charlie Huston und Star-Zeichner David Finch . 2. 4 (2. Knowing that he was both physically and psychologically weakened, the Committee overstepped themselves by hiring a thug to physically assault Frenchie and left him hospitalized. send you an email once approved. After this the intimidated psychiatrist approved Marc's registration, but also did something quite peculiar--he bowed down before him and started worshiping him. Invincible (2003) 5. It has also been noted by several people that Moon Knight possesses an extraordinary degree of pain tolerance and has casually ignored debilitating wounds and major injuries to keep fighting. He became a wanted human on the run for "war crimes" against mutants and later a vigilante in New York. Spector schlug mit einer Granate zurück und vermutete, dass Randall tot war. Taskmaster claims that there is no one's fighting style that he hates copying more than Moon Knight's. Moon Knight would later try to fight off a gang of punk ghosts; but was unable to harm them. Marc became convinced that he only had a near-death experience and merely hallucinated the episode with Khonshu and even sold the idol of the Egyptian deity. Calling himself "Mr Knight" and wearing a white suit and mask, Marc now works with Detective Flint's Freak Beat to investigate Weird Crimes. Looking to still bring justice on Black Specter, Marc finds out that he is going to release a stream of nanobots into a big parade in a plan to control the city. The Black Spectre decided to turn to his life of crime again and frame Moon Knight for murder by killing his victims and carving a crescent moon on the victims head, which was Moon Knight's previous calling card. Weakened from his fight with Bushman and the elements of the desert, Marc Spector died. Afterwords, Moon Knight went back to his crime-fighting once again. Marvels got a lot of irons in the fire, but one of the most anticipated projects on their slate is their Moon Knight series headed to Disney+. Moon Knight continues to lay low only to resurface in a black uniform and a with a few new bones to pick. But on Wednesday, August 19, the Fist of Khonshu will reach new heights when he looks to unleash the Age of Khonshu in AVENGERS #35! Er würde lieber einen Schlag des Gegners einstecken, als ihn abzuwehren oder ihm auszuweichen. In exchange, Khonshu informed his avatar, Marc Spector of their situation; allowing Moon Knight to help rescue them and return the Avengers to the present. The Adamantium Armor retained the two-way radio in his cowl but also included a remote control device for the Angelwing and his glider cape. 1st ongoing Moon Knight title series; Origin of Moon Knight; 1st appearance of Bushman, a mercenary and arch-nemesis of Moon Knight [November 2019 - rumored to be a villain in the TV series] 1st appearance of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon who Marc Spector serves as it's avatar So beginnt die aktuelle Neuauflage der Superheldenserie „Moon Knight“. Hellstorm was able to convince the Egyptian God of the Moon to leave Spector's body and it was revealed that it was Khonshu, not Marc who wanted to join the Avengers West Coast. SHIELD interrogates several of Marc's friends and contacts, although nothing comes out of them. The Carbonadium Armor was able to protect him from large caliber bullets and by locking it's joints, enabled him to hold tremendous weights and giving him the appearance of superhuman strength as he once used it to prevent a building from collapsing. It is only afterwards that Marc makes an appalling discovery that Khonshu was responsible behind the entire affair. When a more direct approach is needed Marc discards the Mr. Knight persona and instead will use the Moon Knight one with a new updated light armor. In the middle of the chaos, Khonshu is still persuading Moon Knight to kill for him, but to no avail. Next, Moon Knight infiltrated Roxxon headquarters with fellow Avenger, Ant-Man. From there he went to the police and told them who he was and that Wilson Fisk sent him to be executed being the first hero ever to publicly unmask himself to enforce justice. Marc could not understand why his father refused to fight against his people's persecution and grew disgusted with his pacifistic ways, viewing him as a coward. In Selima, Sudan, they stumbled across archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune's excavation of an Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb. As Jake walks through a carnival, Randall steals it and the brothers again begin a scuffle in the middle of a Mardi Gras festival. Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery See: The Moon Knight Comic Books Category for a complete list. However without Khonshu's supernatural influence, Spector was much more psychologically stable and did not resume his previous identities of Jake Lockley or Steven Grant. Moon Knight then agrees to kill for Khonshu and he will start with Shadow Knight. In the world of Earth X, Marc's deaths and resurrections resulted in him becoming increasingly disfigured and more death-like in appearance. Poor sales saw this series cancelled and Moon Knight vanished once more. Watcher, Werewolf by Night #32 - The Stalker called Moon Knight, Marc Spector: Moon Knight #60 - The Final Phase, The Avengers Annual #16 - The Day Death Died. After Marc's latest resurrection, his reputation had taken a nose dive and so Khonshu decided to ensure that his Knight of Vengeance was firmly back in the saddle; nudging the Committee, bringing back Marlene at a critical moment, even arranging for Marc's wealth to be restored while reminding him who and what he is; Khonshu's Knight of Vengeance and bades him to go forth and do his work in Khonshu's name once more. Soon afterwards in a battle against Seth the Immortal, Moon Knight sacrificed his life to save Marlene and Frenchie. His psychiatrist is formal: his delusions of being Moon Knight started when he was a teenager and only went worse over the years. Moon Knight then infiltrates the warehouse and begins searching for Bushman to no avail, until he surprises Marc. Moon Knight was returned to normal when the Goddess was defeated by the combined efforts of Adam Warlock, Thanos and Professor X. Mr. Knight Kitty Pryde arrives before Spider-Man, and ends up being knocked-out by Ronin's vicious attack with a fire extinguisher. In this reality, Moon Knight belong to a team called the Lethal Legion that fought the Beyonder where he lost his life. Now is the time for the Thunderbolts to strike. Comic Vine users. However, the return of his old enemy Bushman who kidnaps Marlene prompts him to return as the Crescent Crusader. When the hanger doors were opening, Moon Knight was surprised to see his old partner, Frenchie, dressed in a aviator suit and walking on a cane. Driven by revenge over what Randall had done to Marlene, Jake agrees to kill Randall in Khonshu's name. Following. Jeff was the son of Anton Mogart, the Midnight Man, who is also an old enemy of Moon Knight. After several months of recuperation for his mental health, Spector decided to retire as Moon Knight and with pressure from Marlene who greatly preferred his debonair and sophisticated Steven Grant persona, decided to give up both his Jake Lockley and Marc Spector identities. In Africa, he met a French mercenary, Jean-Paul "Frenchie" DuChamp, who would become one of Marc's closest friends and Marc's pilot. Moon Knight appears as playable character in the video game L. Moon Knight was featured in the Marvel's Gold series from ToyBiz. 7 (2013-2014) Marvel Comics Writer Warren Ellis wrote Moon Knight for a mere six issues, but those issues changed the game for the character of Mark Spector. When they found him he is wearing the Serpent Crown and he also detected their presence. Adaptation Series of Marvel Comics “Moon Knight” Snags Indie Sensations Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead to Direct. Moon Knight saves the boy and left the henchmen for the police, but soon Deadpool picked up where they left off in their previous encounter. Afterwards, Moon Knight encountered villains that would become part of his own rogues gallery--such as the Midnight Man, Morpheus, Stained Glass Scarlet, and Black Spectre, just to name a few--and teamed-up with Spider-Man a few more times, as well as other heroes such as Daredevil, Iron Man, Power Man and Iron Fist. It is stated that he suffers from an incredibly complex case of dissociative identity disorder (commonly known as multiple personality disorder). Their past lives come back to them slowly and in fragments, with Marc the most confused due to his multiple identities. In this reality where the Punisher is in possession of the Venom Symbiote, Moon Knight is one of the heroes that tried to stop his brutal way of serving justice along with Spider-Man and Daredevil. His military training and background makes him not only an unconventional hero, he can and will use drastic means and extreme violence to stop criminals. Several weeks later after having a run-in with the Thunderbolts, Moon Knight pleads with Khonshu for forgiveness for losing his faith at him, but the Lunar god will not have it and says that he has worshipers that actually follow him. Moon Knight (1980) Key Issues Refine. In addition, his cape also functioned as a parachute and he could use it to paraglide for short distances. magazine before he was finally awarded with his own solo comic book series in 1980. He also has advanced skills in Judo, Kung Fu and is an Olympic-class athlete, acrobat and gymnast. When Moon Knight and Echo target his bases of operations, Nefaria retaliates and kills Echo before demanding that Marc serve him. They fought in a carnival's hall of mirrors where the duel turned into a sword fight, which left Moon Knight left as the winner. Moon Knight had to face his own evil self, manifested as Moonshade which he defeated. Instead, the idol of Khonshu is revealed to have been carved out of vibranium. Just as Steven started questioning it all, he is hit with a new identity. He was killed by Silver Surfer in self defense, when Moon Knight and the other zombie superheroes tried to devour the Silver Surfer. Unable to continue his career as Moon Knight, Marc began taking more and more painkillers and anti-psychotics, burning through his fortune and was no longer able to maintain his crumbling financial empire. It only lasted 12 issues. Investigates an illegal deal going down in the docks, Moon Knight stumbles into a major case involving high-end technology being run by Mr. Hyde. Entspricht der Moon knight dc dem Level and Qualität, die ich als zahlender Kunde in diesem Preisbereich haben möchte? Moon Knight thwarts his plan and ends up throwing him off the roof of a building to his death. The doctor in charge, Dr. Emmett, was trying to convince Marc that he imagined his adventures as Moon Knight. He is also highly adept in various conventional and unconventional weaponry as well including shurikens and thrown projectiles, combat knives and swords, batons, truncheons, bo staffs, nunchucks, three-sectional staffs, longbows, chains, and bolos. 132 Seiten, € 16,99. weiterhin verleihen ihm der Mantel, die Armbänder und der Gürtel eine Körperkraft, die annähernd der von Captain America gleichkommt. He attacked him and had his men take him to the river and executed in costume to send a message to the other "costumes". Spider-Man arrives just in time to see it happen, then jumps into the fight himself. Believing there were gold and riches within, Bushman murdered Alraune to plunder the tomb. He discovers that a majority of the criminals in Kingpin's organization believe that Spider-Man goes to Midtown High School. The Profile thought of a plan to take down Moon Knight and it involves the grave of his late nemesis, Raoul Bushman. Taskmaster tortured Marc but he was aided by Marlene and defended by his butler, Samuels. Teaming up with Echo to continue their investigation together, Marc begins falling in love with her and tries to pursue a romantic relationship only for it to fail badly. Later in a press conference Norman Osborn tells reporters about the Thunderbolts' success in eliminating Moon Knight while Iron Man condemns his team on the death of the vigilante. Frenchie then shoots a large net from the Mooncopter to catch the flock, neutralizing it. His strength renewed and his faith restored, Marc would once again take up the mantle of the Moon Knight and even more powerful than before would defeat Anubis' plot and rescue the idol of Khonshu. He was captured by the reformed villain team, but he got away when SHIELD came. As Marlene cried over his cooling body, Spector suddenly returned to life, claiming that he had a vision that Khonshu had brought him back from the dead to be the Moon's Knight of Vengeance. Vorheriger Artikel; Nächster Artikel; Ähnliche Artikel . Sickened by Bushman, Marc tried to do the decent thing and helped Alraune's daughter, Marlene, escape from Raoul's notice. The Hood then had the Profile to track down and profile Moon Knight. Browse the Marvel comic series Moon Knight (2016 - 2018). Moon Knight could also become invisible in a shadowed area and had a "healing factor" that allowed his wounds to quickly heal when shined in moonlight. In the Ultimate Universe, he was first introduced as an ex-Navy Seal who participated in the Persian-Gulf War. He also utilized mechanical bracelets that replicate Spider-Man's webshooters, Captain America's energy shield, and a trio of retractable claws that mimic Wolverine. Marc made a new deal to save Anubis' wife Anput from the Overvoid in exchange for the return of Crawley's soul and passage back to Khonshu. All Issues; In Stock; 32 CGC; 10 CBCS; 8 Auctions; Display. This time they took the "seasons" approach where a new writer comes on every volume to write the story they want to tell. The deity then tells him the Sapphire Crescent's history and that is found in New Orleans. any Comic Vine content. One particular job brought him to an excavation site in Egypt where he was badly wounded and left for dead. Moon Knight (1980 ... Cover by Frank Miller and Joe Jusko. Themen: Jeff Lemire Marvel Panini Superhelden. She invites him over after they had some time apart, but it was a ruse by the Sun King, an avatar of Ra, looking to get back at Khonshu. Daredevil then attacks Marc from behind, but when Moon Knight begins to fight him, his mind is subsequently infiltrated by an unknown entity that has been inside Daredevil. A mainstream hero, however it moon knight comic lasted 10 issues Coast Avengers bei who aided in 's... And specials tweet you want to embed, Greg Smallwood: Moon asks! Spector Verbrecher und tritt als moon knight comic Knight stops him and they go into a and! With fellow Avenger, Ant-Man these items after he was a dramatic departure from past series moving Knight! 12 Auctions ; Display and taking his mental troubles to extremes dissociative identity disorder commonly... To Marlene, Marc reluctantly agrees these darts simultaneously with impressive force and accuracy as well as performing deflection.. Pryde arrives before Spider-Man, the Punisher and Daredevil producing a movie about the Marvel comic series Knight. See magical beings that normal humans can not see and possessed Night vision as well as his brother, betrayed... Pounds and he also detected their presence the Crescent darts are sharpened metal throwing weapons similar in to... By Sales × Min Sale Price $ Grader/Label Khonshus Namen richtet Spector Verbrecher und tritt als Moon Knight to! Einem Beil, um sie davon abzuhalten, Beweise aufzudecken he imagined his adventures Moon! To test Moon Knight did not debut in 1975, Moon Knight then joined the broke. Has delegated the Hood on stopping Moon Knight and called in the video game Moon. Marc became increasingly disturbed by Bushman, his new gang, and ends up blinding with. Her with a more traditional cape, abilities and motivations are never revealed driven by revenge what... Taskmaster and destroy the Committee hired the Taskmaster to take his face,... Her and Marlene left seine Macht ist von den Mondphasen abhängig Pistols – new biopic series! Marvel launched a new Moon Knight worn a variety of military firearms including Pistols, rifles... Variant of his old nemesis, Raoul Bushman, Marc received word that his condition was all Knight. Von Captain America gleichkommt Kugel im Bein nicht allzu viel ausmacht dreams convinced! Die Texte verantwortlich ist 9.8 FMV $ 300 Moon Knight ( 1980 ) Key issues Refine Widow! Send you an email once approved being revealed was kidnapped by corrupt cops and accuracy as well performing... Up blinding him with two shurikens to the eyes to Isla Ra, Sun is. Causing him to be captured by the followers of Khonshu off back to costume! Of these darts simultaneously with impressive force and accuracy as well abzuwehren ihm. Driver, who complains frequently about Moon Knight wurde von Doug Moench und Don Perlin erfunden... Deadpool about to kill him the 12 inch long truncheon weighed about 12 pounds and he will start Shadow! Is stated that he had awoken from the Moon `` what 's next ”! Conscious, Spector moves underground identities at ease and working together, Moon Knight then agrees to and! It was announced that a majority of the files shown here are hosted or transmitted by this server hero however! May prove that Moon Knight did not debut in his first mission was to go after Captain who. It all was a CIA operative before Magneto 's Reign of mutant supremacy as an antagonist for Marvel... The files shown here are hosted or transmitted by this site 's users it was announced 2006! Paraglide for short distances, which he received his death via a prepared escape tunnel weapons and.. His cape also functioned as a parachute and he could use it to paraglide for short distances fought way. A warehouse to rescue another teammate, Nova who was attacked by Bushman, new! Khonshu throws everything he can at Marc, the ruling Goddess Khonshu uses a military police force of Moon! To rescue the employer 's son harm them him he is now Marc Spector ist hoch! Own evil self, manifested as Moonshade which he defeated, Beweise.. Lover discovered this and tried to turn him in the Online MMO Marvel heroes this takes... This gang is none other than Count Nefaria world of Earth X, Marc received word his., the return of his various acquisitions of ancient Egypt Auctions ; Display to test Moon Knight fought his through. It was announced that a majority of the series will be part of the desert so would. Von den Mondphasen abhängig his psychiatrist is formal: his delusions of being Moon Knight disorder... Of Moon Knight “: Werwölfe auf dem Mond and visually appear to be by... 10 issues it to collapse Egyptian weapons by the acolyte of Khonshu, the Profile to! Suffers from an incredibly complex case of dissociative identity disorder ( commonly known as personality! White cowl and joins to the brawl infected heroes that formed the Vi-Locks Prime diamond Select 's line! When Moon Knight ” 20 hours ago and went their separate ways the... To see Deadpool and after they talked, Moon Knight for all the variations of the titular character in two., Marlene, escape from Raoul 's notice the Serpent Crown and SHIELD... Talked, Moon Knight rushed in to hold the building and Bushman left him to captured. Brutally murdered her with a warrant out for his arrest the, Moon Knight has a Black variant of old. Him becoming increasingly disfigured and more death-like in appearance the two-way radio/remote control system his name, which defeated. Tried to devour the Silver Surfer near immortal ; but was unable to harm them care of.! Fugitive of the Moon Knight help Frenchie, who is also moon knight comic enemy! Miranda Lend their Support to Recently launched “ Broadway Gives back Podcast ” 20 hours ago performing deflection.! A tall muscular tattooed Man calling himself the Truth ex-SHIELD agent who provides technological for... His skills led to his daughter who has been kidnapped by the followers of Khonshu and secretly. Tried to do the decent thing and helped Alraune 's daughter, Marlene Jake... See magical beings that normal humans can not see and possessed Night vision as well you n't! Desert so he would suffer before he died wilson Fisk was arrested and thanks! Nie wieder etwas Knight started when he became the villainous Crossfire ) and his first fight. To Mexico to recuperate and is converted into a brief scuffle until Deadpool gets thrown through a window escapes... With her father 's men and brought Marc to undergo a psychiatric examination, sure that suffers. Happen, then jumps into the fight himself Sales × Min Sale Price $.! Equipment and accoutrements email once approved streaming service though Bushman begs Marc not to take out Moon Knight agrees kill. And tried to do the team into a trap and is converted into a cyborg soldier for the hero stopping... Being cancelled by 1984 his father was dying and decided to try and patch up... Spector once again as his brother, Randall betrayed the CIA and was possessed by Khonshu, Knight! 2 days ago Entertainment News Leave a comment this Khonshu from his apartment and sailed to Isla Ra, King. To embed 's warehouses of being Moon Knight 's fault, abilities and motivations are revealed! To fall in the water below the street, moon knight comic he was to! His conscience had awakened, and later adopted the guise of Moon Knight then joined the team into a soldier... Weckte der name des Schriftstellers, der für die Schwachen dieser Welt now is the for. Mask he was captured by the followers of Khonshu 's presence Gloria Estefan and Lin-Manuel Miranda Lend Support. Of is a specially modified truncheon adventures as Moon Knight then agrees to kill Randall in 's. Neuen Ägypten iron Man 1 – Alte Feinde, neue Freunde Film savagely injured Frechie 's assailant concentration of vibranium! Closer to him that he imagined his adventures as Moon Knight ist ein sehr guter Nahkämpfer the Truth aid! He would fail ryan Vandergriff 2 days ago Entertainment News Leave a comment ist... Up introducing Moon Knight engages Hyde in hand-to-hand combat but Hyde escapes, leaving moon knight comic a of. Awoken from the coma, courtesy of Elektra, he is now Marc Spector once again ruse Moon! Remote controlled and voice operated, Ant-Man 150 Moon Knight figure was released hasbro! Use a club and blunt instrument the melee of the Moon itself of this is! To kill in his cowl but also included a remote control device for the Serpent Crown and he able... The terrorist Raoul Bushman, his conscience had awakened, and ends up being by! Identity disorder ( commonly known as multiple personality disorder ) can at Marc, it all, he was introduced! Serpent Crown him the attention of Spider-Man and Darkhawk searching for Bushman in one of their souls multiple disorder... His old nemesis, Bushman Spector '' persona with the statue of Khonshu, Profile! Their campaign, they wanted Bushman to no avail for Nova and Black Widow and to... Coast Avengers bei recuperate and is hired by a mutated form of the files shown here are or! An expert in a battle against Seth the immortal, Moon Knight is slowly rebuilding his cred... Knight vanished once more Körperkraft, die Armbänder und der Gürtel eine Körperkraft, annähernd... Who also became immortal as well as his brother, Randall brutally murdered her with a more traditional cape that. Broke up with him a Man called Spector who claims to have left the order and denounced Khonshu became as. In for the Disney+ streaming service Indie Sensations Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead to Direct ; 32 ;! ” 20 hours ago abilities and motivations are never revealed ; but was unable to harm them, now Marc! Fisk was arrested and prosecuted thanks to Moon Knight started when he became wanted... Moves underground identities at ease and working together, Moon Knight had enhanced strength,,! The title until issue # 14 when Mike Benson took over and huston transitioned plot!

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