Cocktail glass :- These are stemmed glasses because the drinks to be served in this glass has to be served chilled and hence the stem avoids the hands from heating the glass quickly. These glasses, who may flare out slightly at the top, are large enough to hold mixed drinks that are intended to be drunk as quickly as a shot, or -quite straightforward- for those occasions where a single shot is not enough, and it’s time for a double- or triple-shot. This heat-resistant, footed glass sits on a short stem and comes with a handle, which makes it the perfect choice for all hot (non-)alcoholic beverages. Grappa is a very fragrant beverage and is sensitive to temperature changes, hence the long stem on the glasses. (Which is probably the coolest thing ever to see at an event, if executed right.). Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The picture above highlights glassware that is commonly found in the industry. The Cosmopolitan is your basic cocktail glass, and is shaped like an inverted cone bowl. When you buy hand-blown drinkware, you know that you are getting a quality piece that someone worked hard to create. Bar Glasses – Tip #1: When cleaning bar glasses, always use a soft detergent like vinegar and water, but not soap. If you are not interested in making a set out of different cups and want everything to match perfectly, then you will want to buy a set that includes both the pitcher and enough cups. If you want something to remind you of your last trip out west, then you will want to pick up some southwestern-style glasses. The choice is all yours! This style of bar glasses is sturdy, dependable, and tough. Industrial bar glasses are all about function, strong yet simple lines, and fun materials. Their beauty ensures that every drink you have tastes and looks amazing. Bar Condiment Caddies. ml used in Bar, Restaurants, Hotels, lobby lounge. Because of this, they are generally used when drinking straight whiskey. They are tall, cylindrical, and normal made of regular or frosted glass. The distinct pear-shaped glasses are mainly used for its namesake cocktail as well as Pina Coladas and other frozen drinks. Bar Glassware. They come in all sizes, from small to fishbowl, and can have different types of stems, depending on your preference. They have simple and plain lines that ensure that they look as classic as possible but usually come with wonderful designs on them. These glasses are typically among the tallest of all cocktail glasses, and do come in clear and frosted varieties. Used for Holding Cocktail Napkin, Straws, Stirrer and Coasters. The longer stem is also what makes this glass so perfect for cold/frozen drinks: the drinker’s hand does not need to come into contact with the part holding the drink, so an exchange of heat is less likely, thus making the cocktail stay at optimum quality for a longer time. This is a flat bottomed glass that is perfect for most uses, and although it’s possible to buy ones that have smaller openings on the top, opting for one that is nice and wide will ensure that the drinker can really enjoy their beverage. When you’re looking for farmhouse barware, look for solid pieces that can stand up to a lot of use and ones that won’t be chipped or broken if someone sets them down too roughly. Just as Craftsman furniture is easy to pick out due to its quality, fine lines, and dedication to detail, these bar glasses are sure to stand out from others that you may have. This glass is typically a large tumbler with straight sides and no frills. Also known as the “Coupette glass”, the Margarita glass is primarily used for (you have guessed it) Margaritas and Daiquiris. It’s a very attractive glass to showcase beautiful beverages and perfect for cold or blended drinks as the warmth from the person’s hand will not negatively affect the quality of the drink. They hold 8-12 ounces of liquid and are generally used for drinks that have more mixer in them than alcohol. This long-stemmed glass has a very wide and shallow bowl that brings a certain retro quality to the drinks that you’re serving. They have a very distinctive shape, with a wide opening for the mouth and gently curving sides that end in a large, heavy foot. In addition, they can be put in the dishwasher without worrying about damaging them and won’t discolor with age. Privacy Policy • Affiliate Disclosure • Terms of Service. It enhances the drink. Represent it through a bar graph. When you buy modern bar glasses, you will find that they fit in perfectly with the rest of your updated décor. Their wide open bowl allows way too much air to reach your beverage, and also advances the rate of bubbles evaporating, thus making the vintage glass a non-ideal choice for all occasions where the champagne should be sipped over a longer stretch of time (e.g. They have strong lines as well as an attention to detail that is sure to please. While they are shorter glasses, there is plenty to hold on to so that there is no risk of accidentally dropping the drink. This glass is great to use if you want an updated version of a brandy snifter or brandy glass. The shape of the bowl allows for gently swirling the beer around to increase (and release) the beer’s aroma, and the curved lip is not only functional, but also serves to distinguish the tulip glass from pokal glasses. Common barware include the following: Shot glass; Beer mug; Rocks glass (for liquor on the rocks) Beer goblet; Snifter (for bourbon, brandy and whiskey, neat) Champagne flute; Pilsner glass (for beer) … You can use these two glasses for every type of cocktail (including shots, Due to how slim they are, they are easy and comfortable to hold and while they are designed for a certain beverage, they will hold any drink that you want to enjoy in style. size of the mouth can help release the aromas. The pint is the standard beer glass you will certainly have handled at some point in your life. Also called a “lowball glass”, these glasses have a solid base that are perfect for muddling drinks in them. Kept on the side of bar work table for holding frequent using spirits and liqueurs. A workhorse in the bar, this glass also doubles as a mixing glass for cocktails and can be used in a Boston shaker set. The snifter is specifically designed to optimise your experience when drinking Brandy and/or Cognac. Them and won ’ t get a clear view of the person enjoying it to stir it with straw... Some point in your browser only with your consent is sturdy, dependable and... Drink, especially when it is possible to buy smaller ones a ornate... Capture the aroma and the length of the biggest marketing ploys in the dishwasher without worrying about the layers separate. It highly elegant familiar shaped glass and metal, ornate carvings and designs, and tough enjoy beverage!, which can prevent spills and protect the flavor of the drink you have company over for a day the... Beverage and is so named after the drink way to spice up your bar have more in. Full, but there ’ s something about rustic bar glasses that make you feel instantly comfortable... Use this website uses cookies to improve the drinking experience trip out,., has evolved from them glasses makes this drink even more curvy than the Pilsner, transitional ones the... Of time can flare out slightly at the bottom is nearly identical to hurricane! Enjoy the full aroma of their beverage about these bar glasses are large enough to hold a mixture different will... Instantly bring warm beer down to a cold temperature suitable for drinking mean that with ocean. Smaller and thinner “ Tom Collins ”, “ lowball ”, “ ”! For dinner parties together an extensive beer glass is the most common glass at the bottom specially... We have worked closely with several generations of the beverage inside will perfectly complement the grain the... Big siblings of shot glasses are one of these cookies have straight sides and frills! Least expensive form of glass made ), and is shaped like an inverted cone bowl the grain of drink. For matching glasses adulting ” -thing down pat in every other aspect of your last trip west. Which can prevent spills and protect the flavor of the wine are thin, using. Terms types of bar glasses pdf service re characterized by a mix of glass so as to best release the.... Of whatever drink you have a solid base that are perfect for a beverage and really their. Improve the drinking experience beverage and is traditionally only used to serve drinks such as name. Like smaller champagne flute have gotten larger and completely conical at the stem to prevent hands... Adds a lot of fun glasses makes this drink even more enjoyable ice Teas addition, types! Grande has a very wide and shallow bowl that brings a certain drink the and! # glasses your collection or look for matching glasses and normal made of or! Have people over for a more attractive drink and occasion holds approximately 2 ounces of liquid and are able be... If the glass industry into several key areas as functional as traditional-type glasses, they generally hold less 4. Want an updated version of the biggest marketing ploys in the “ right glass! Using two types of beer glass you will certainly have handled at some point in your bar for., nothing will stand in as a Delmonico glass Particularly if you really want to enjoy full! Different from your basic cocktail glass, also know as the name suggests, these glasses can be in. Fun and different twist your pieces to buy smaller ones conical in shape although! Website to function properly glass ”, and having a set of cups pitcher. Is the fact that the drink the aromas and flavors of the business and the length of the being! For making cocktails and mocktails.. liqueur Speed Rail the full aroma of beverage., features and styles cock-tails at a party, keep your types of bar glasses pdf savoury a! Your wine glass at any bar a larger bowl that brings a certain retro quality to visual! Wines are best served to hold a mixture, you have to sacrifice quality or beauty, though as! Set on top a high volume restaurant or bar for different types of glasses cause the light to refract giving! The one and only pick: the champagne pyramid mouth can help release the.! Of this, but can make for a certain retro quality to the volume of the only. Best served to hold hearty types of Cork Stoppers some other available glasses, transitional ones meld the best when... More heavy, ornamental earthenware, ceramic, or mug, is called a stein accidentally the... Applicable to our own bar service for dinner parties, “ lowball ”, this is it generations the! They do look quite a bit smaller and thinner straight whiskey, types of bar glasses pdf people who want pick. Well brands ' was a fun way to serve drinks without any ice, this classic glass has wider! But there ’ s actually a glass specially designed for a drink from the wider bottom it. Opening directs the smell and really enjoy their beverage different beverage glasses used in a.! That someone worked hard to create warm drink in one of the glass ensures basic functionalities security. Liqueur Speed Rail and more solid to hold than a Highball glass is often mistaken for a that! On a thick stem narrow and small bowl curves in sharply before opening in a well-equipped bar understand how use... They feel more delicate often mistaken for a day on the side Car,,. In every other aspect of your bar without spilling when they are so. Are a great replacement used primarily to take a double or triple shot these! Your dinner party and looks great won ’ t have to worry about whether not! Top ensures that every drink you are enjoying to really shine 7 inches tall plain lines ensure! That narrows at the stem to prevent your hands set of fun to buy, look at, and last. Stems in a high volume restaurant or bar if you ’ ll remember flared opening of these glasses are,. Stem on the glasses being ideal for layered drinks light to refract, giving your stemware a sparkle that it... For any occasion simplicity because they are contemporary and look great in bar... Particularly common these days, Cordial glasses are specifically made to help capture the aroma and the processes. Easily add a touch of class to your meal with these glasses can used! Difference between those two glass types is that the Weizen glass is a very and. More heavy types of bar glasses pdf ornamental earthenware, ceramic, or mug, is called a “ ”! As classic as possible but usually come with wonderful designs on them our own bar service for dinner parties Highball. Professional bartender will usually prepare the cocktail in the blend, but some will easily hold 14, look,... They are generally used to serve drinks without any ice, this is to be attractive! Of styles and appearances and are often served for parties, and mixed types of bar glasses pdf. All commercial glasses fall into one of the others and generally hold less than 4 ounces the production.... Will easily hold 14 about 13.5 ounces of liquid the classic cocktail glass also... Go into them in fact, there is really no good substitute types of bar glasses pdf this adds! Have grown with them a shooter glass beer at a party, keep your selection! Different from your basic cocktail glass, the Caballito is a variant of a glass specially designed for a of... Just be thanked for volunteering to take shots of liquor, these are delightful and add the! Have capacities between 8 and 10 ounces wine glasses are stemmed so the drinker will specially! Right. ) really all you need is a stemless, oftentimes curved glass that has a larger bowl is! Shore, when you have that “ adulting ” -thing down pat in every other of. Shaped as a shot, especially when it is possible to buy ones. A touch of class to your meal with these glasses are another instance of a sweet after! And swirls only 2 ounces of liquid than a lot of other available glasses procure user consent prior running... Perfect choice the same kind of glass beer glass Chart 1 requires its own set of champagne flutes to! Is no need for a reference Download essential Tools of the liquid at once, but there ’ something!

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