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IB certificate courses (both Standard and Higher Level) can be used for admission in … } Bachelor of Environmental Design (B.En.D.) Each graduate program has different admission requirements, learn more about them and be sure to review the deadlines, admission requirements, and application process to apply. We cannot access AP, IB or A Level transcripts sent to UBC’s Enrollment Services. Transfer credit can only be assessed once you have been admitted to UBC Transfer credits are listed under the ‘Grades and Records’ tab in your Student Service Centre (SSC) account. Students interested in the biomedical engineering program should select the Bachelor of Applied Science (engineering) on the UBC admission application. Unless stated otherwise, you need to meet eligibility criteria set out by the University Senate regarding awards. Some programs may require additional materials or interviews from applicants, this is […] Hey man I'm just glad I don't have to take university level English :|. I personally know an IB student (44 overall) who received the full MES to UBC. UBC- Mining Engineering Masters of Engineering Program Office 517-6350 Stores Road, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 CANADA. The largest share of international students at UBC are from China, but a significant amount are also from India or the United States. .info__content .info-message { width: 35px; } IB Certificate Courses. The requirements are not based on your citizenship, but where you received your academic credentials that will most likely form the basis for admission to a UBC graduate program. #block-weatheradvisory { #block-calltoactionsurvey { Our award-winning programs allow students to break new ground, push the boundaries of innovation and challenge themselves to solve real world problems. General Admission Guideline Applicants must hold a credential deemed academically equivalent to a four-year bachelor’s degree from UBC in engineering or a related discipline. max-width:100%; display: inline; Prerequisites can be presented at the Standard or Higher Level. float:none; Application for admission to the Engineering program must be made through an online application form no later than January 15. General admission requirements. The first-year engineering program consists of a Standard Timetable (STT), a 3 credit Humanities and Social Science elective, and a 3 credit English/Communication course. I received an offer to Science (not computer science) with a final score of 32. max-width:100%; The Master of Applied Science (MASc) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) are thesis-based research programs designed for engineers wishing to pursue research. Visit UBC Academic Calendar for the first-year curriculum course listing or check out our course planning page for more information on degree requirements. UBC Engineering provides students with extraordinary learning opportunities. You must meet all of the following to participate for Go Global programs. General admission requirements. Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Conservation Major in Global Perspectives or Major in Science & Management. display: inline-block; The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! There are multiple ways to be admitted into UBC Engineering: Applying from high school; Transferring from another school or faculty; Completing transfer programs; Learn about the different ways to apply to UBC and be sure to review the deadlines, admission requirements and application processes. #block-calltoactionsurvey .col-xs-12 { At present there are 24 full-time faculty in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, together with a support staff of 17. vertical-align: middle; The Faculty of Applied Science will notify applicants at a later time when the supplementary form for permission to register in the Pre Biomedical Engineering (PBME) Timetable is available. Campus features. .alert-content { margin:10px auto; } } float:none; [CDATA[/* >