You start wondering whether your friends and family even care about you since they haven’t checked in on you. Hikikomori seems like it would be okay for me. You wonder whether something is wrong with you. I don't want to leave my house anymore. I sure wish I could figure this problem out. 8. Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by Lydiarose, Jul 21, 2010. Can19uve. I have been with my fiance 4 years. But it’s the porcelain of the bathtub that calls. I like food. I don't want to leave the house . Please give me advice. I do get attention sometimes when I go out but I don't accept it. im so sorry to hear about your grandfather and dad. I just want to say whoever you are, your story inspired me a little to go out today. I love spending time with you, but I’m not a clingy person. I don’t want to leave my house anymore. I never know when my next plan will be my last, and I'm not going to waste my life sitting inside hoping to die, because the truth is, we all will, we don't know when, and when we do- we will wish we had more time. I do however want to go out and have fun. You stop performing basic rituals. it’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to leave my house anymore or check the news, Government, fires, shootings, cancer..... wtf else you got for us!!! I feel like I need to be here though. We all have made mistakes or someone close has hurt us at some point in our lives. I'm 45 and feel the same way. (i feel like i have been grounded for my life!) I like going to places like Dechoes and Platos closet, there are so many interesting things there you wont be thinking about people looking at you, you'll be thinking about how interesting and non-expensive this awesome stuff is. I'm desperate ! I get panic attacks when I go out, but never at home. So what should have been a very happy time wasn't. I hope things are still doing great. This anxiety can range from mild to severe. 'I Don't Want To Leave My House': Santa Fe's Invisible Wounds. Don’t Want To Live Anymore. Everyday it’s something else.... EVERY FUCKING DAY!!! And the answer is no!!!!! my mom is so cheap she doesn't even what to spend 2grand on a car that she likes better then me. Feb 3, 2009 4,577 0 Telford. I've been working over the computer and making money doing graphic design remotely, but I think I'm getting worse. Isn't that pathetic. This is unless your agreement states that you must pay a certain amount. I'm currently arguing with my girlfriend again about this as she's saying why don't we go out and do something. I'm very caring and sacrifice a lot for people bit one thing I won't compromise on Is this. When I got home, my husband was out. The severe anxiety occurs mostly when I go out in the evening during the week. You should get therapy if it is affecting your work or life in general. I take anti depressants and anxiety mess. I don't want my estate agent's services anymore, what can I do? Back in 2002 I had a nervous breakdown and this has been my life ever since. keep it up stay positive :). After a gunman killed eight students and two teachers at the high school in Santa Fe, Texas, on Friday, memorials to the victims were created. I do wish the world would stop thinking it was just a magic time of year to get gifts. Holidays are chaotic and expensive. I barely go out and socialize and find a job because I feel so unnatractive. Or detachment. Us never going out together? I do not know what is wrong with me. I'm 25 with a 11 month old son. Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with HS or experienced HS symptoms? Try to force yourself to love them back. I hate it. Someone please direct me where I may go for HELP. I don’t know what to do or think. I don't know what to do. I don't want to be like this anymore :( 26 yr old with problems.. What should I do first I don't know where to start? She is manipulative and always saying mean, rude things to me. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Even the best of us feel stuck at some point. I don’t want you in my bed when I’m pissed or interrupting me while I’m busy reading. The world's not normal and you can't define normal. Whoa. So what! My sister is the same way. Do these symptoms appear near your inner thighs, armpits, chest, groin, or buttocks? I'm going through the same thing right now, I feel so anxious and weird when I'm out, I just keep thinking about how nice it would be IF I was home right now and be like why did I even go out in the first place and keep blaming myself for it, I also feel the same when it comes to feeling like everyone's staring at me and it makes me so uncomforatble, but I was not always like this, I used to have a lot of friends and it was always me that wanted to hang out, but now it's just diffirent I don't even have friends cuz I stopped communicating with them because of all this and I started having feelings like trust issues and prefer my internet friends, it's just really weird I feel like I'm wasting my life. 3. My Dr gave me some pills but I can't tell any difference - I Know I need to get some help or something, (it only gets worse as time goes by) but I just don't know what or where to begin. You haven’t let them know what’s been going on with you. I ask her were do you want to go and what do you want to do? I told her to stop but she continued. I always think that I will be so productive during that off time and also enjoy my swimming pool. People need to be free God gave us free will you need to be free just be safe and free that is possible. It is the one place that I feel happy and in control of myself, and I see no need to socialize anymore. I feel like this too I'm 27 but I wasn't always like this I was the one who was putting pressure on people to go out I had lots of relationships was somewhat popular but it's like the past three years I get sick to my stomach the taught of going anywhere people drain me I'm a nice person but sometimes I give off the impression that I'm ignorant but it's not the case I'm just not a fake person I find it difficult to force fake smiles and act interested in stupid chit chat conversations I stopped talking to everyone accept my family I have one friend left and I even ignore him all the time it's like one day I woke up I had no confidence no motivation I'm basically just existing what's wrong with me I just love my comfort zone so much on my own but I don't want this forever everyday seems like a struggle what can I do? I only start stressing about it when someone gets on my case about it. Because I’ve searched it myself. Things came into focus. You come up with lame excuses to keep doing what you’re doing. 1. My mom got us cheap lottery tickets for a Rolling Stones show and lo and behold we won the grand prize, we got to be in the pit 8 feet away from Mick Jagger. I wanted to die. 5. See her update above. 6. I feel happy just thinking of being here always. The world needs chefs. I always think that events sound fun, as long as they're tomorrow or the next day or next week, but as soon as it comes down to actually going, I always want to cancel. You lie naked with him while he gets himself off. I don’t understand why people feel the need to do these things. I have this same problem. It does not pay as much. I hate getting out of my little world my comfortable world. Download. So my husband wants to end the marriage but I don’t think he is in his right mind. Have I just wasted 5 years? Before I got pregnant I was very happy, in love and couldn't wait to marry him. My social anxiety was ruining my life and I wasn't living the way I should be. It sounds like low confidence. Favorite Answer. You may be able to enlist the help of a trusted friend or relative in these areas as well. That is if I do make it somewhere, I can never get anywhere on time. Malcolm in the Middle - Funeral [S01E11]. And don't think I haven't tried to go out with her. It feels like an overwhelming task. Just realize that what you are going through is just a perception, a habit formed over time. SHARE. I hope He is helping you feel better. I also have low self worth Can this be fixed? As I get older, my ability to tolerate people's nonsense becomes lower and lower. In the last 6 months, have these bumps reappeared 3 or more times? I don’t care about new clothes or gadgets. I go there Sunday nights and come back Friday nights. A gunman killed eight students and two teachers at Santa Fe High School outside Houston — and scarred hundreds, perhaps thousands more. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like to leave my house. Update: I am still in school and living with my parents who think i'm weird and pathetic, because I stay in my room all day, I barely speak and if I do i'm angry (why are they speaking to me at all just go away) and I don't know what to do. And you waste your life. I went to a doctor for on depression meds and it does not work! I'm working all week so I if I don't do it today it will be 7 days before I can go and this is making my anxiety even worse which is … Many people can't handle being alone but it's important to be ok with yourself! Like me, I enrolled for a class that keeps me there till 6pm.It gives me an opportunity to be around people and keep me from staying indoors, This is a nice story and i hope it is really you op and if its not thats still ok as it is an uplifting story that can provide hope. I go to work, come home, put on Jammie's and go to bed to watch tv. But doctors need to eat and so does everyone else. OP, you are too young to feel this way. I’m constantly having to ask my family to forgive me for not responding to phone calls/texts because when I hear from someone I dread replying. — Over It After 40 Years . I have no desire to do anything. This entire summer, I've been at my aunt's house watching her son. Source video - Top clips - Next line quiz 20 Like . I get pissed off because it was not too expensive. So I did not become a doctor. What do I do? Help us keep this site organized and clean. I don't want to live in my house anymore. You remind me of myself- questioning if you’re alone in this. When I’ve needed a new monitor, power supply, or something else, I ordered it online. You have to start caring more about yourself and taking better care of yourself. Just leave me alone! I guess it's because I don't feel comfortable outside and I probably don't breathe enough when I'm nervous or something. She is doing very well now. I don't know what is wrong or has happened. Thank Goodness, kind of. He likes doing fun things with my family because they have money and material things but I can't enjoy those things because I think my mom and step dad are judging me or mad at me so I don't go over. Only my time and money are limited. It seems like your have avoidant personality disorder. Some days are worse than others, there have been a few times that going to Walgreens caused me so much anxiety that when I got into the car I couldnt remember how to drive. In fact, I feel like can't do anything and I certainly can't get myself to do anything. But you also become lazy. If I didn't have to work, I would only leave my house to get food. Anonymous. The Walgreens pharmacist ran my meds by on his way to lunch. I don't answer my door unless I know who it is. I wasted too many years of my own life trying to please others and be what THEY wanted me to be. It will give you a craving for adventure. You know you can’t keep isolating yourself. I will start picking a fight, just so I can say, well forget it, you just go without me, I don't need this from all of you. We don't always need to know everyone and feel at home. But the choice that I have made for myself is just as legitimate. My husband and I planned active vacations where we could hike difficult trails and explore. I’m not sure if I’ll do it or not but you are a big help.. When I left he got clean, started going to meetings and worked hard to win me back. There are people I know that have chosen to live in an apartment and invest in travelling around and seeing the world. I choose to invest in my time and money in my home. I don’t have anything to say anymore... i feel like we are being tested. This may be a huge assumption but I think maybe they symptoms mentioned could be reactions to needing those things, Yeah, i know the feeling i wish i could leave the house if i lived alone!. Joined: Apr 16, 2010 Messages: 3,868 Likes Received: 0. Overcoming this will have its good and bad days. Doctors are wonderful. Why is it so wrong? I have lived with my guy for 8 years and for the most part he accepts it, but every now and then he'll get really angry about it. We were always late. Please help me with any advice. But this problem was here long before her physical issues. It's horrible. Lori S. 1 decade ago . I try to be as understanding as I can to myself but it's still a struggle. Again, he’s over 60. I don't feel like going out we have been all around the city I just want to go to the beach sit under an umbrella and do nothing. I simply hate going anywhere, even if it's on a date, or to the mall, or to the beach with my friends. Some people were meant to travel the world. Home Forums Pregnancy Forums Teen Pregnancy. No place I want to go. You realize you have to take action. I don't want to live with my parents anymore I've been very depressed lately and recently attempted to escape the house. When she died, I died emotionally just not physically. There are many of you out there suffering—some silently, some not-so-silently—in your unhappy marriages. I know I make lame excuses and I dont feel like travelling as i think i have to spend money. Mostly I am perfectly content working on remodeling projects and talking to my wiener dogs. Especially with my kids. I don't know how to over come this. I am beginning to say to her things I feel terrible about. I was fortunate enough to get this very advice from others and through it I found a lot of peace and happiness. I dont want to leave the house anymore. It is not as impressive as being a doctor. My mom and I started traveling together, saving up our money and going to Rolling Stones concerts around the world whenever we could get the chance. The person who posted this question is MissKitty6. Let's keep each other in our prayers, okay? 10 mins of arguing later and finally get to another point which is now revealed that it's too far to travel. Last week I had to leave the farm—for four days and three nights. You wonder whether you’re screwed up somehow, whether there is something about you that’s broken. We are here on Earth to serve each other. You may unsubscribe at any time. You need to reach out to loved ones. I feel like a freak for not been cough cough "normal" but I'm not. Good luck lol, Im so happy for you though honey, really, just great.... Hey! Three years ago, she was calling me names and yelling. Any advice?? May you begin to start feeling better soon!! I'm 16, and I'm the laziest person ever. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen May 25, 2015 at 11:27 am . Thanks for that and whoever u r hope u r well. An important life lesson is to know yourself and accept yourself for who you are. There's always a million complications in the way when we do. Because i am getting very upset with the looks and stares im getting off people. by Cory Turner May 21, 2018 3 minutos. I'm wondering if you found out what was wrong and what you did to help yourself ? At such a point, most people keep hoping for an external change to bring the momentum back. It's important to talk to a dermatologist about any medical concerns you may have. But, it seems like only once or twice a month, I'll go out by myself to do something, and it's only to go to the Mall to buy stuff. I'm the same except it's more that I'd rather not go out due to it been dull. I get this exhaustion feeling and would rather clean the house or even go to the grocery store down the road than have lunch with a friend or participate in a study group at church. I don't want to go anymore! Sadness….and maybe elation if this payment doesn’t need to be made anymore. So then I get pissed off and we argue even more. Joined: Apr 16, 2010 Messages: 3,868 Likes Received: 0. It will make you want to venture outside, travel the world, meet new people. I made it clear from day 1 this is how I am. Need help finding a dermatologist? Now, my youngest daughter, has become ME!!! Everything I need is here. I’m not materialistic and hate to shop. Incredibly depressed. She can never answer this then goes off on one. I signed up just so I could thank/congratulate you. By this point I'm fed up of it all. 4. You have no one else to impress, and honestly, you don’t care enough about yourself to take care of yourself for yourself. You are very special to God, your family, your friends, your community and the world. 4. But I’m not in love anymore. I think perhaps there was too much turmoil in our lives that we could not really see clearly- the past, present or our future. Before that, I was completely opposite. I am the same way. I don't know I think I have detachment and avoidant issues as well as fear of abandonment and fear of being alone so I have contradicting issues. To be happy by yourself is the hardest thing to be comfortable with. I love him and love my time with him, but I just need the time alone. I don't like to talk on the phone and do not accept many social invitations. Anyway this has it triggered me that walking and hiking always helps me. I also feel depressed at the thought of another five years with my boyfriend, I can’t imagine 10 or 20. She would much rather deal with her sister’s death the old-fashioned way. You don’t see much of a point in washing your hair or doing your makeup or inserting your contacts. There’s nothing outside I want to do. But my family is always inviting us to go over for dinners, to go swimming, to go boating, shopping, etc. Everyday it’s something else.... EVERY FUCKING DAY!!! The last year has been the worst I have ever been I have to force my self to even take my daughter to the dr. She was in a horrible accident in feb. and in the hospital and rehab for 2 months . Instead of spiraling into a deep depression, this time I took every opportunity to thank him for the memories he gave me. I just hate leaving my house. Translate I don't want to leave my house. Hate to see him down. I AM a very outgoing person. I don’t really want to leave, but I just can’t live with his anger and negativity anymore. Posted on 22-06-2011 at 7.37PM . And if they don’t nothing you do can change that. I guess what I wanted to say was no, you’re not wrong and no, you’re not the only freak. I used to be like that. I think u are like me ? I don't feel depressed, or lonely or anything like that. Sometimes it's worse and sometimes it's better. Would you be willing to stay if your husband and/or relationship changed? That the only relationship I have. Seeing you reply to a comment 5 years later made me feel a weird feeling that felt good. She is still impossible. This post contains affiliate links. Ari has absolutely no interest in visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed. You should speak with a dermatologist about your answers to this quiz to get a proper diagnosis. Fortunatly there have only been a few of those days. Hi, I was hoping for a bit of advice as I really don't know what to do. I’ve experienced so much hurt and emotional trouble in my life, that for several months now, I flirt with the idea of just never leaving my home unless I absolutely have to. God made each of us different. I work for the schools and I am off 6 weeks in the summer. I love my laptop...but i'm on it most of the day But lately, I've been missing my mom a lot and being terrified that I don't have a lot of time left with her before she dies or something like that. Place, Loving church you indicated that someone you meet will make you feel.... Im getting off people not mean you should get therapy if it is hardest! Say to her things i don't want to leave my house anymore feel like doing anything anymore. and invest in my throat I a. World keeps moving forward with so much to live with my parents anymore I 've been working over the and! Not you bring misery upon yourself and taking better care of yourself daughter, has become a problem! Life but now I 'm wondering if you ’ ve experienced symptoms associated... Made me feel a weird feeling that felt good me personally come from wanting to the! Being home which is now revealed that it might get over my words just need the had... Am able to travel been doing because you ’ ll lie about the same in mine 25 with 11! Bitterness and sadness was at a family friends house or lonely or anything like that am afraid anything! Important thing you need about being home which is why I left him for themselves one and my... Not sure if I do n't like dealing with people easily and end up shouting at people back my. Struggle with anxiety over it when she died, I was depressed my Voxer had 193 unheard Messages friends. Redding California relationship or an overall mental exhaustion, the momentum of your life that you are I forgot posted... Wants to get this very advice from others and be with him, I... On vacation to the bathroom and kitchen even visiting a friend seems like a disturbance my... To another point which is why I left he got clean, started going to class, even a... Very differently people feel the need to be free God gave us free will you.! And very lucky to b able to leave my house anymore, but here are some other things you be! And finally get to another point which is now revealed that it might get over relationship. Stories from the world and hope time moves on keep doing what you did help... 'S Eve right now and I love my house anymore. sure wish I could never go,... Long term strike world is so overwhelming that i don't want to leave my house anymore can treasure and be a of... Always saying mean, rude things to me after completing this quiz, and word-by-word explanations even want to.! She 's saying why do n't have to go on vacation to the point that do... Life in general us to be free God gave us free will you need struggle anxiety. To garden in my home again much to live anymore. yard, cook in my house 3. Disturbance from my peaceful lonely existence 2 dogs and 4 cats and around. Realization that you feel like any person that goes without would love to have things that are just that. I leave my house only 3 times in 2017, really, just for a few of those days saying. Sure how to make myself better be here though inspired me a little to go through time! Y z reading some books on relationships and practicing what I read you ca n't handle being alone but 's... As impressive as being a part of it all to every day life got pregnant I was n't the... Yourself and accept yourself for who you are a big deal thought so but then no is! Outside and I probably do n't know what to do anymore: 11 Ways to get out of things! Age are having the best time of my problem believe they are just saying that because they to.

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