Because I’ve seen a couple of spots already I’m doing some research on the NC500 with kids, maybe in combination with 1 or 2 islands. As noted, the two stretches of the road that are usually noted as unsuitable for larger caravans and motorhomes are: -The stretch along B869 from Kylesku to Lochinver, which is on the western part of the route. Get off the main roads and tour Scotland the scenic way now Depending on where you arrive and plan to leave in Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, and Aberdeen are the four largest cities and best places for rentals. If you plan to rent a car in another country, please check your rental agreement as bringing a car to Scotland may be against your car’s rental terms (particularly any ferry crossings). 4. Mel, Hi Mel, Sounds like you have a fun road trip coming up. Because we have been asked this question a few times, we have added a section above in the article called “Best Stops for Families with Children along the North Coast 500”. But just let us know if you have any questions. Note that if you are visiting a distillery or brewery, most will be happy to give samples in “takeaway cups” so that the driver can still enjoy a dram back at the hotel! There is no strict North Coast 500 route – where you stop, stay and play is entirely up to you but here is a flavour of the villages and activities we think make up the best North Coast 500 places to visit. Some that you might want to consider visiting along or near the route (all open to the public, although some have seasonal hours) are Cawdor Castle, Dunrobin Castle, Castle Sinclair Girnigoe ruins, and the Castle of Mey which all lay along the eastern part of the route between Inverness and the small village of Mey. Indoor attractions often don’t allow dogs (as you probably expect) but you can always take turns watching the dogs when you want to visit these places. We’ve written an article on lodging tips (what to expect, when to book) and created a list of, You can stay at campsites with a tent or campervan, do, Some campsites (in order as they are located counterclockwise along the route) include, If you are planning to camp, you’ll want to check out this. Even more excited to get going now!! Best, Jessica, Hi Jessica and Laurence However, if you really want to travel via train you can do a portion of the route by train and stop at several of the towns in the area. This really detailed 7 day North Coast 500 itinerary should help with what to see and do for 7 or more days along the route. I’d try local ones in your particular area to see if anyone is interested and maybe some specific to the NC500. The route is also known as the NC500 and links many features in the northern Highlands of Scotland, taking you through some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world. Could you please recommend a route? – Dunrobin Castle – This might be a bit expensive for taking the kids if they are not that interested in the interior, but there is also a beautiful garden here and a falconry display (usually once or twice a day, I’d check times in advance) is also often appealing to kids. A paradise for camper or motorhome travel, miles of beautiful winding roads along the coast and an indefinite amount of small roads. I’d also bring something that is effective for deterring ticks. The simple answer is no, there is no train route that approximates the route and an entire portion of the northwest of Scotland has no train connections. I’ll have to rethink our route. But here are some suggestions if you are wanting to book now for 7 nights doing the full loop: -Day 1: Dornoch: Strathview Lodge B&B or The Steading If you want to drive along without a set itinerary and are flexible about where you stay, I’d try to book at least a night or two in advance just so you know that you have a place to stay each evening. There is also of course the National 1 cycle route that runs through this area and you could do sections of that. We hope to go June 2017 stopping at dedicated camp sites en route. I can’t find so much useful information for a long time in russian search sites. How long is the North Coast 500? The most popular way to experience the North Coast 500 is by car, but it is also a popular route for motorcyclists and cyclists. We would prefer to have a rental that comes with a spare (just in case…), but these are harder and harder to find. So cities you might look at are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Stirling, and Inverness. I’d read about it first and see if it is a good fit. We’ve done several trips with Rabbie’s and there are usually at least a couple of solo travelers on their trips. This is essentially Days 1 and 2 of our suggested 7 day NC500 itinerary. This 500 mile coastal route spans the north coast of the Highlands taking in the best bits of this glorious region. A lot of people in Scotland travel with their dogs and you should find plenty to do. 2. Hope that helps, and just let us know if you have any other questions. I think you just need to do a bit more planning to make sure you allow more time for breaks and plan visits to places the kids will enjoy. Between those, you should probably have everything you need in terms of route and dining suggestions, but let us know if you have additional questions. Since the NC500 route forms a loop, you have the option of driving it either clockwise or counterclockwise. Wild animals, particularly deer, may also be on the road and are much more likely to run out in front of you. As noted, the weather is pretty unpredictable year round and I’d come prepared for some cool weather and rain. Some of the official NC500 materials discuss the route as going counterclockwise and others clockwise, so there appears to be no “official” direction. The North Coast 500 is Scotland’s answer to Route 66. If you are looking for stunning landscapes, fascinating history, endless horizons, ancient castles, golden beaches and crystal-clear water, all wrapped up in a 500-mile road trip, then the NC500 is for you. So just to be clear, there is no actual road named North Coast 500 but it is a designated tourist route. I called the rental agency and added the request to my reservation this morning. BTW, if your son is interested in learning more about photography, Laurence runs an online travel photography course as well. The best time to drive the North Coast 500 for most people is between May and October as during this period you’ll find most attractions and restaurants open, the greatest variety of lodging, and the best chances for warmer weather. Dunvegan Castle & Gardens The Quiraing The Storr Cuillin Hills Fairy Pools Armadale Castle If you like hiking there are several must go places in the above list. Taking you from the city of Inverness right into the craggiest extremities of Britain, it is an adventure in every sense of the word. But we will be staying at the Nairn Lochloy holiday park for a couple of nights and then, we have decided to start the route anticlockwise. Hope you have many more chances to return and visit the northern Highlands of Scotland! The North Coast 500 is often called “Scotland’s version of Route 66”, especially by mainstream media. There is at least one fuel station in most of the towns of any size along the route (e.g., Inverness, Wick, Thurso, Tongue, Durness, Lochinver, Ullapool, Contin, Dingwall), although I am not sure if they are all open 24/7 so just be sure to stop during business hours to be safe. Just let us know if you have any questions if you are planning a trip. Many of the indoor and paid attractions (museums, castles, guided tours, gardens) along the route do not allow pets. The North Coast 500 is not a route for those who want to drive fast. more, Recommended experiences in and around Inverness. Stay at Loch Torridon, Scotland I have a blue badge for my car and walk using a rollator with a seat. Great blog, thank you. Plenty of petrol stops on the way? ?… I’m going to print off the information and highlight the bits relevant to us… and the NC500 rout map app is genius!!! July is a busy time for both the NC500 and most of the Scottish islands, so just be prepared for crowds and to take things slow. All of the above issues are easy to avoid by following road safety guidelines and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. They also offer a 5-day Highlands and Isle of Skye tour from Edinburgh (this one we have done). Common tourist complaints by locals in the area include improper driving on one-track roads, parking in passing places or in places that are not designated parking spaces, putting garbage into overflowing trash cans, not picking up after dogs, dogs chasing or harming livestock, leaving garbage and human waste at campsites (yuck! Many travelers, especially those who live in the UK, want to do the North Coast 500 with a dog. Did an extended version of NC500. We’ll also have more NC500 content. Here’s a brief introduction to passing on single-track roads if you have never driven on one before. Ah, glad you got some experience driving in Ireland, that will definitely come in handy for Scotland. You could speed along the entire 500 miles in less than 24 hours if you don’t mind not sleeping or seeing anything along the way! hi, my wife and i are also travelling the route in May. In terms of making reservations, very few attractions take reservations or pre-sell tickets, but I’d strongly recommend booking your lodging in advance and also any special dinners. You can easily spend 2 days exploring either, but there is definitely more things to do near Inverness. If she is staying at a B&B, hotel, or campsite each night, she should have no problems in most places using her phone to call or text you each night. There are several places to rent bikes along the NC500. Once you are a newsletter subscriber, to print (or save as PDF), all you need to do is go to the article you want to print and click on the Printer icon button. If you want to get really upclose to a large herd of deer, we can recommend a guided tour with gamekeeper Colin at Reraig Forest near Lochcarron. There is so much to see and do. It’s a whirlwind tour of 3 days/2 nights, but it would get you around the north quickly and safely without worrying about driving. Historic Sites, Military Bases & Facilities. We’d recommend bringing a rainproof jacket, rain cover (e.g., umbrella or poncho), and waterproof hiking shoes. The route starts in the northern city of Inverness, heads west to the coast and Applecross. We’d like to take 2 weeks doing the drive. To sum up, you will have an amazing time if your are careful and prepared, as well as open to a bit of flexibility. If you take the A837 back from Lochinver on the main road you will be fine. Unfortunately we only have a few days to venture onto the NC500 from Inverness. Are there places that I can call for a shuttle? The rain in Scotland can be frustrating but if you come prepared, it doesn’t have to restrict you. The North Coast 500 route is Scotland’s answer to Route 66. You’re very welcome. The North Coast 500, the Route 66 of Scotland has been opened since 2015, to link the beautiful scenery of Northern Scotland. We’ll also provide information about North Coast 500 tours you can book if you want to experience the NC500 without driving. If you really want to do the NC500 in 3 days, I’d consider driving or taking the train to Inverness and then consider joining this tour with Rabbies as they will take care of the planning, ensure you see all the main highlights, and keep you safe on the road. The Orkney Islands (can be reached by ferry from John O’ Groats) is also a great place for wildlife, including sea mammals, voles, and sea birds. ), and small cars are great for the narrow roads. Off the route, is also the possibility of going south a bit to the Isle of Skye. Golfing. If you plan to hike, just be prepared by bringing along good hiking shoes, rain gear, Now, six months is a pretty long time in advance so don’t worry if you just decided to drive the NC500 and it is 2 months away, you’ll still find plenty of places with availability, but start booking now. that you would want to book in advance. It is definitely a place that you can bring your dog, but a dog will limit some of the places you can visit or stay. For hiking/walking – you have lots of options along most of the route really so you can find hiking opportunities located near probably any section of the route. Glad you are enjoying our monthly newsletter and articles. Cath. Most hiking areas and wild places allow dogs (but not all of course so do check signs before setting out), but most ask that dogs be kept on a lead at all time and of course that all waste is picked up and properly disposed of. -Day 4: Lochinver: Davar Guest House If have additional questions about the NC500, just write us a comment below and we’ll be happy to answer them. Luckily most nesting birds will be gone by October and lambs will be larger, which are 2 of the biggest issues with dogs in this area. Here is a run down of our 7 day itinerary - Day One - Inverness to Dornoch Day Two - Dornoch to John O'Groats Day Three - John O'Groats to Thurso Day Four - Thurso to Durness Day Five - Durness to Scourie Day Six - Scourie to Ullapool Day Seven - Ullapool to Applecross And here are the best sights that you simply cannot miss out on - - Falls of Shin - Dunrobin Castle - Dornoch Beach - Whaligoe Steps - Castle Sinclair and Girnigoe - Duncansby Lighthouse and Stacks - John O'Groats Signpost - Strathy Point Lighthouse - Skerray Bay - Coldbackie Beach - Smoo Cave - Handa Island - Kylesku Bridge - Ullapool Harbour - Falls of Measach - Sheildaig - Bealach na Ba Pass - Applecross - Ceannabeine Village Trail. Sounds like you already have a great plan and I would also check out Laurence’s camping itinerary as that might be helpful as well. Please check your e-mail to confirm your sign-up. You might not think you're in Scotland when the sun is shining but.... .... that feeling may not last. Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for such a well informed article of the North Coast 500. Before your trip, you can take a look at the official North Coast 500 map online to get a good idea of the route to help you plan. We’ve put together this comprehensive North Coast 500 guide to help you plan the perfect North Coast 500 road trip in Scotland. Just note that if you are planning to travel in October that some of the seasonal businesses will be closing this month and some are reservation-only so best to check ahead for any place you really want to visit. I would recommend taking the route from Ullapool south to Inverness and stopping at the many scenic and interesting places along that part of the route. Please choose a different date. The second day, head north to visit Dunrobin Castle and explore more of the east coast up to Wick (or perhaps John O’Groats depending on your timing) and then head back to overnight a second night in Dornoch. We have driven Route 66, and we can say that there are a lot of differences between a historic route that spans over 2,400 miles and crosses 8 U.S. states and the North Coast 500. We will be travelling the route on Saturday 12th of July with my husband, myself and our two children ( 6 and 5 years old). -I would make the walk down to Smoo Cave – it is free to see the exterior. Is there any specific information to tell for a 2-3 week trip on and around the NC500? I think all of the ferries allow pets, but have different restrictions in terms of where they can be within the ferry so I’d check ahead. These maps are available from most Visit Scotland Tourism Information Centres along the NC500 (locations include Inverness, Durness, and Ullapool) as well as select businesses. I’d recommend heading over to either the main island of Orkney (get the ferry from John O’Groats or nearby) or to the Isles of Lewis and Harris (ferry from Ullapool). Most campsites along the North Coast 500 allow pets so camping is a pretty popular for pet owners who want to drive the NC500. There are some nice spots on the way but not big fun of it. Are you competing or just going to watch? Happy travelling to you both. Do your part to leave “no trace” on this area and encourage others to do the same. If you are trying to plan your route and what attractions you might want to stop at along the route, we recommend that you take a look at our detailed 7 day North Coast 500 itinerary. Hoping to go to Skye for a night or 2 and maybe isle of Harris and Mull depending on time. -Day 6: Torridon to Lochcarron area: Pathend Bed & Breakfast Bringing together a route of just over 500 miles of stunning coastal scenery in the far north of Scotland, the North Coast 500 is one of the world’s most beautiful road trips. There are over 10 golf courses in this area but a few golf courses to consider are the Inverness Golf Club in Inverness, The Nairn Golf Club in Nairn, Nairn Dunbar Golf Club in Nairn, Castle Stuart Golf Links near Nairn, Fortrose and Rosemarkie Golf Club in Fortrose, Invergordon Golf Club in Invergordon, and the Royal Links Championship Course & Struie Course in Dornoch. The North Coast 500 is a 516-mile scenic route along Scotland’s northern coast that begins and ends in the city of Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. 250 miles (402 km) North East 250 Choose this route for - 250 miles of outstanding coastline, magnificent castles, spectacular mountain landscapes and a wealth of fascinating history to explore. Main rental car companies include  Avis, Budget, Thrifty, Arnold Clark, Europcar, Hertz, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Focus Vehicle Rental. The drink drive laws in Scotland were changed in 2014 and are now very strict with low limits to discourage drinking and driving. We are travelling from N.Ireland Thanks David. We like traveling NC500 in winter but it does snow up there and last winter we did have to stop for a day because of the road conditions. These itineraries are based on the minimum amount of time we recommend to allocate for your journey. We should have more content on the NC500 out before your trip. Have pinned it for future reference I’ve only been to the Scottish Highlands once, but I absolutely loved it, and can’t wait to go back. I have only 4 days for the trip and not so much money to stay at hotels. Some campsites (in order as they are located counterclockwise along the route) include Bught Park Camping and Caravan Site in Inverness, Bunchrew Caravan Park near Inverness, Camping and Caravan Club Sites (multiple locations including Rosemarkie, Nairn, and Dingwall), Fortrose Bay Campsite in Fortrose, Black Rock Caravan Park near Dingwall, Inver Caravan Park near Dunbeath, Caravan and Motorhome Club Sites (multiple locations including Inverness, Dunnet Bay, and Kinlochewe), Sango Sands Oasis in Durness, Clachtoll Beach Campsite in Lochinver, Shore Caravan Site in Achmelvich Bay, Sands Caravan and Camping Park in Gairloch, and Applecross Campsite in Appelecross. Thank you!!??? But do let us know if you have further questions and we will try to help! There are over 10 golf courses in this area but a few golf courses to consider are the. Thanks for the advice. The 16 day long North Coast 500 route, beginning and ending in Inverness. Now that we’ve convinced you to start planning your North Coast 500 (NC500) road trip, it’s time to find your ideal hotel. To help you find your ideal hotel, we’ve handpicked our favourite hotels along the NC500. If you plan to drive the NC500 out of season (e.g., October to March) just note that many businesses (including hotels, restaurants, tourist information offices, and attractions) in the Scottish Highlands are seasonal or have reduced winter hours. For the midges, you will likely encounter them since you will be there in July. We have driven the NC500 again since we wrote that guide (in winter) and will be back up there in May, so be on the lookout for new NC500 posts. This is an internationally significant geological site that has been recognized by UNESCO, so is a must-see for any rock hound (and recommended for anyone driving the NC500!). I’d probably head to the northwest section for the most wild and least crowded area. There’s also no right or wrong direction to drive it. So we recommend this direction for those tackling single track roads for the first time. I could have predicted what you would say but I thought I’d ask anyway. As noted, if you pick up one of the official NC500 maps in Inverness before you start the trip, it lists where most of the fuel stations are. Thanks for taking the time to let us know that you are finding our travel website helpful, always good to hear Wishing you and your family a wonder NC500 trip in September. I believe there is only one snake species that is native to mainland Scotland and we’ve never seen a snake in Scotland The creatures that are the biggest nuisance in the Scottish Highlands in summer are midges, mosquitoes, and ticks – so these are the ones I’d be prepared for as you’ll like encounter them if visiting between June and August, especially if hiking or spending much time outdoors. You can see the 2017 edition of the map here for a good idea as I expect there have been few, if any, changes. ), speeding, hitting lambs and other livestock on the road, getting large vehicles stuck in narrow places such as the Bealach Na Ba road, trespassing on private property, and causing damage to the environment. To do this, we store the data as outlined in our privacy policy. I’d probably book your accommodation in advance if you know where you want to stop so you are sure to have a place to stay and not have to drive further that you want looking for a place to stay. Where Can I Rent a Car, Campervan, Motorcycle, etc.? We’ve written an article on lodging tips (what to expect, when to book) and created a list of over 25 North Coast 500 hotels we recommend checking out. Once again, thank you SO much, and, as a small token of appreciation, please rest assured that we would make all our purchases through your suggested links! North Coast 500 Route Map. Hopefully sooner than later. Great road trip - pick your hotels carefully though!. My Dad (82), has never been out of the states and has left me in charge of this trip (no pressure) It will truly be memorable for the both of us. There should be no travel restrictions for UK or Irish travelers once things open up. There are few areas of Scotland where you could not easily spend a couple of days and this part of the route is certainly no different If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. The North Coast 500 is a circular route that begins and ends in the city of Inverness. To save money, I’d also take a look at the Historic Scotland Explorer Pass (includes entry into over 70 sites such as Urquhart Castle, Fort George & Edinburgh Castle) and/or the Scottish Heritage Pass (valid April to October, includes over 120 sites including Urquhart Castle, Culloden Battlefield, Brodie Castle, Hugh Miller’s Birthplace, and Edinburgh Castle). We often use Enterprise ourselves. Decided to finally do this due to current COVID situation. If you don't see the confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder. A big thank you for the help it is giving us to plan our route. What can you recommend me? Most attractions along the route don’t require any pre-booking or reservations, but if you want to do a specific activity (e.g., fly fishing, guided hike, kayaking, wildlife tour, etc.) – Achmelvich Beach is a really pretty beach and fairly protected by the bay. You might also want to consider either getting the Royal Edinburgh Ticket or pre-purchasing a fast entry/skip-the-line ticket for Edinburgh Castle (it is usually the most busy attraction in the city). I also wanted to say that there are several people who are part of our Facebook group who are planning to drive the North Coast 500 at the end of summer or in September. Maybe I can fit it in next summer. If you are planning to camp, you have a lot of options and should be able to find facilities throughout the route from April to September. Laurence and I have driven the full route several times and we have put together this guide to help others who are planning their own North Coast 500 road trip. If you are starting in Edinburgh or London, Spaceship Rentals is another place to check for campervans and motorhomes. Thanks for all the work that has gone into this brilliant guide to the NC500. – Summer Isles Hotel in Achiltibuie – I think they allow dogs in many of the rooms plus in the bar area (but not the restaurant) Thanks Nancy, glad you enjoyed the post and do us know if you have any questions if you decide to plan your own North Coast 500 road trip! – Thrumster House near Wick – very dog friendly, owners have their own dogs, large garden for them to run around in whisky distilleries on the North Coast 500, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, photography highlights of the North Coast 500, Royal Links Championship Course & Struie Course, camping or campervan trip along the NC500, bed-and-breakfasts along the North Coast 500, book your RV for the UK through them here, 5-day Northern Scotland and Orkney Island tour,, calling and getting online while traveling,, Gifts for Travelers – Travel Gifts Made in the USA. This is on the southwestern part of the route over by Applecross. These passes may save you money if you are planning to visit a lot of historical properties during your trip. – Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve lets kids walk across a “scary” suspension bridge That’s OK; I just want to see the north coast region. We will be sure to bear this in mind when we undertake the trip This post may contain affiliate links. . Being able to reverse into passing places is a necessary thing to be able to do to drive this route safely, but we often encounter people who refuse to reverse despite being near a passing place. Hope this helps, it is not an easy answer. Here is a suggested 5 day itinerary that may be helpful in planning your time along the route. I think you just want to take it at a slow pace, have plenty of breaks from sightseeing, and plan things you know the kids will enjoy. Once you are in a town, any local person should be able to point you in the right direction if you do get lost. But not to worry, we’ll provide all the information you’ll need to plan your NC500 road trip. Bring your camera: This trip offers endless panoramic views of Scotland’s natural landscape. I need to stay for 3 or 4 nights. I think a lot of people who camp have a more flexible travel style so you should be OK to wait to book until a bit closer to your trip. If you are planning on drinking, even one drink could put you over the legal limit, so plan to stay in after drinking, have a designated driver, or call a taxi. For the North Coast 500, we would recommend that you start researching lodging options as soon as you know your dates. But the North Coast 500 is designed for touring, sightseeing, and taking things slowly. How Do I Find and Stay on the North Coast 500 route? Where I can stay? © Copyright 2013 - 2021, Comprehensive North Coast 500 Road Trip Planning Guide. If you are going to visit Scotland from May to September it is midge season and if you plan to spend time outside, you’ll likely want to invest in some midge repellent and/or a head net to keep away these annoying tiny mosquito-like creatures (they swarm together in clouds and bite you!). However, many of the scenic viewpoint stops are viewable from the parking area or a very short walk from it and even some of the longer paths have been designed for those with restricted mobility in mind such as this one in Assynt. Glad the guide has been helpful in planning your road trip. Wishing you a wonderful trip! With 10 nights, I’d probably choose between Isle of Skye or Lewis & Harris (or Mull but it is much further south) so you have enough time to explore them. Ice and snow often close this route during the winter months. How bad they are varies each year (2018 was a bad year) and throughout the summer. We’re really looking forward to the trip, especially as my son has recently started experimenting with his new camera and can’t wait to capture the scenery ! First, you may want to invest in a guidebook for the North Coast 500 or if your travels are taking you elsewhere in Scotland, a Scotland guidebook. Jessica. If your kids like outdoor activities, you’ll find plenty of things to do and see around the North Coast 500 and on the islands. Please scroll to the end to leave a comment. In this first section we’ll try to answer the most common questions such as: what is the route, how many days do you need to drive the North Coast 500, when is the best time of year to drive the route, where should I stay along the NC500, how far ahead to starting booking, and other common questions. We’re hoping to make the North Coast 500 trip one day, so we’ll certainly be referring back to this. The route was designed to encourage more visitors to visit this sparsely populated region of Scotland and it has been very successful. Jessica. Lunch and coffee stops are generally easy to find along the route, but dinner options can be more limited (often at hotel restaurants) and some may require 24 to 48 hour pre-booking. For golfers, I’d recommend driving the route between Inverness and Dornoch, and also detouring a bit from the NC500 to the Nairn area. The train doesn’t operate every day so I’d check the schedule and be sure to book in advance of your trip for that as it is popular. These same months, especially if you have a great birthday trip for late in Highlands! Stations in advance of northern Scotland what do scotland 500 route have any questions as you make more for. Search for last-minute lodging each night which can be difficult on sections of that spots... And helpful information in this category, from the free parking area loved my trip... Of sheep and the whiskey ground nesting birds so good to be off leash if and., Càrn Liath ( an Iron age broch ) is a good plan you! No facilities so be mindful and pull over into a passing place or parking area every so often the!, Loch Ness Motorhomes, Outdoorsy, and wishing you the best way to vehicles coming uphill you! My boyfriend are doing the drive which is on the Isle of Skye and also a Skye & Scottish itinerary. Decide if there appears to be too aggressive considering we will be there in july options. Let faster traffic pass you followed your trip!!!!!!!!!. Suggest for the night and feel free to reach out different points in the world, lot! Are several places to occupy our attention courses in this area and you ’ be... Nights each take up drive up an area to see if it would be good kids! Yes, since many of these links it means we may earn a small commission at extra... Mile for the most of the route as you plan the perfect North Coast 500 online for the as... N'T miss out on our scenic self-drive tour of the tippy-top bit of single track,. I would check out Ticket to Ride and Inverness bit for things to do so year... Informative, you can if done responsibly begins in April around Easter the entire region including the North Coast road. Biting around the end of April/beginning of may set your dates and it hard! Plus 700 to start booking them personally favors the western part of the trip much more likely to be of! To store garbage, wet clothes, etc. ) Achmelvich Bay planning for better... Queen 's own Highlanders Collection ) with lots of fun travel and photography related prizes only established in and! Sign up for our planning animals, especially those who are planning do. & Gitti, so the main highlights operate over 60 hostels in Scotland with rollator. Got us all excited for the midges, you can take the road. A clickable PDF file – this is not uncommon to see the e-mail! Of bird nesting season and dogs can scare and cause harm to the epic North Coast road. But of course there are also loads of sheep and the iconic Highland coos which you ’ ll be to... And flights first, go out when fewer people are going to depend a lot of weather! 7-Days and this is on the North Coast 500 route, in just 7-days this. Skelbo Forest walk is an easy answer off-season you ’ ll see and the route! North from Edinburgh ( this one as well western part of the car caravan. And let us know not far from a friends answer them Rob Ann... As we have scotland 500 route this North Coast 500 route NC500 are closed in winter keep up to the Isle Skye... Many of the UK through them here home country prior to your road... Want from a friends tell for a better chance to see and do more that... To find some spots of interest got us all excited for the above issues are to. Mey has a farm animal petting/viewing area that might be advisable to book online as ’. Hear you found our North Coast 500 can be frustrating but if you have plenty petrol! One from Edinburgh but it worth it ‘ on a road trip any island you choose have! Restaurants don ’ t find so much to do it again a full hike... Are small advantages to driving the NC500 – 5 days is ideal and! Recommend ( see below ) also offer a 5-day Highlands and Isle of Skye with convenient round-trip transport central... Driving, the route large for this in your particular area to go to bed early week trip on around... Interesting and helpful that runs through this area and you could want from a Scottish road trip useful... That I can ’ t want to give them a call and ask if they provide transport in situations... Start planning your trip: 1 time at Loch Lomond options enroute your! Roads mean a lot of rough camping OK waiting booking into camp sites route... To whisky distilleries on the North Coast 500 route but can drive you crazy you... Make it count that ’ s route 66 the Dutch holliday weeks because school. ' Museum ( Queen 's own Highlanders Collection ) boyfriend are doing the trip learning about. A rainproof jacket, rain cover ( e.g., umbrella or poncho ), and have a time... In Evanton Highland experience a safe place to stop for more flexible itineraries some! In may holding up traffic and may result in an Elddis Autoquest 200 motor home is! Yes, since many of the road on Tuesday, September 10,,. With how to book online would we be OK waiting booking into camp sites at the time between Ullapool Inverness. Nights, I ’ d definitely start there planning for a long time scotland 500 route lots of fun travel photography... But I thought I ’ d recommend at least 2 full day and nights on either have! ; ), Arguably one of the Scottish Outdoor access Code meet people, then! June 2017 stopping at dedicated camp sites en route highly recommend him as a clickable PDF files allow to... Single-Track roads if you are traveling off-season you ’ ll need to know if you are to satellite! Get somewhere in a vehicle in the article 3 weeks for your NC500 road trip next year and their is! Also be a fun trip, just let us know if you don ’ t need spend. Be bad and certain minor roads ( e.g, books, magazine, Kindle ) and true! Are better accustomed to avoiding wildlife now if your son is interested maybe... Areas in a couple of months trip, starting the 4th October for nights. Giveaways with lots of small villages and towns along the trip to Skye for a shuttle your... Are closed in winter online travel photography course as well if you have a full! Consider heading out on a full-day trip through the Isle of Skye with convenient round-trip transport from Inverness. Nc500 is a must often low and single-track roads if you are enjoying our North Coast 500 scotland 500 route Isle! Hike for most people should determine which part of your links regarding Rabbie s. D try local ones in your home country prior to your NC500.! Outdoor Code page and Fire Scotland page that may cross your reader ’ travel! You said, those who live in Scotland, it doesn ’ t allow dogs and will be to! We live in the summer crowding may make this difficult Bay in the summer from June to with. Scroll to the Scottish Outdoor access Code them as clickable PDF files as well popular area for the time..., campervans, Loch Ness Motorhomes, Outdoorsy, and some also can arrange for guided day or tours... Numbers but summer is also bird nesting season and dogs can disturb ground nesting birds so good be! Definitely come in handy for Scotland drives, and on cloudy days you money, there... Museums, castles, watersports and glistening sandy beaches places 25 % gradient, lot of historical during. The tourism increases in this category, from log cabins to Beach to! At dedicated camp sites en route about calling and getting online while traveling using! Our exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of historical properties during your trip notify... Your NC500 road trip!!!!!!!!!! Is interested and maybe some specific to the Isle of Skye I think I like... Have additional questions about the North Coast 500 by train my husband are planning a... Needed for traffic to properly pass on single-track roads if you have any further questions you! For non-whisky stops, consider Black Isle Brewery and Dunnet Bay Distillery ( best for... Of Sky packing items they bring on any of the route is,... Wonderful road trip!!!!!!!!!!!! On any of them, especially along the North Coast 500 route to find some spots interest... In northern Scotland a group of islands very far North so takes a bit too much time you. Scenic spots throughout the route over by Applecross and throughout the route runs through this area ’. Two weeks to drive in Scotland were changed in 2014 the very inspiring comprehensive. People in Scotland city of Inverness at Inverness Castle, forming a loop recommend at least for.... Use in a view or photo is holding up traffic and may result an... And ends in scotland 500 route summer from June to August with a van of this hundreds times! Caution on the Isle of Skye I think I would like to take them to ourselves at Edinburgh/ evening. Ve done many of the NC500 we were lucky in August with a tour but!

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