This empowerment will go in vain if the various development projects and programmes are not properly implemented. Naturally it is an important function of secretariat to co-ordinate all the ministries. In the state administration there shall be a council of ministers and the functions of the council of ministers is to aid and advise the Governor in the exercise of his functions. b.Appointment of Hon’ble Ministers and related matters. The whole issue shall be analysed in the following way as per constitution: (1) The executive power of every state shall be so exercised as to ensure compliance with the laws made by the parliament. The Commission took five years to submit its reports containing the recommen­dation. If the state is under political turmoil, the over activeness of the Governor draws public attention and he becomes the centre of political controversy. Generally there are three types of federation or federal system. The Governors are generally top politicians of the ruling party at the Centre or retired bureaucrats of general administration or retired army officers. (1) The Governor is not an elected person and naturally he cannot neglect the Opinion of ministers who are elected by the people. Even if the Governor takes any advice in exercising discretion any power from any minister that cannot be questioned at all. Along the same lines, the President will be in charge of determining the number and competencies of the Ministries. The office is responsible for coordinating … On administrative affairs he takes all important decisions and informs the CM. (g) Supervises the general expenditure of the state. (3) So far as the construction or maintenance of communication is concerned the union government shall have power to give directions to state and the state government is constitutionally bound to act accordingly. Ley 6/1997, de 14 de abril, de Organización y Funcionamiento de la Administración General del Estado. In the single-province Autonomous Communities, its powers are assumed by the Government Delegate. Federalism is a system of government commonly designed to ensure a significant measure of autonomy to state units According to Paul Brass India is not only a federal state, it also has a parliamentary form of government. The Directorate is located in Bengaluru. (a) Preparation and scrutiny of the budget. (d) For each state there is a Contingency Fund and it is the duty of the secretariat to sanction expenditure to be spent out of this Fund. Indian federation can be called a political solution to the problems that prevailed at the time of the transfer of power. The Drugs Control Administration was extended to Telangana region after the formation of Andhra Pradesh State in the year 1956 when four Drugs Inspectors were appointed and implementation of Drugs & Cosmetics Act was extended to this area. (11) The secretariat is entrusted with the responsibility of creating new posts and, if necessity arises, of abolishing old posts. However, he heads all departments or ministries. The district magistrates were fiscal officers. 500 Crores will be placed before the State Level Single Window Clearance … They were the policy-makers and implementers of policies. Administration of the Department Director of Land Records and Surveys: *The Directorate of Land Records and Surveys etc. Keeping this important function in mind the appointing person selects an experienced and efficient IAS officer to this post. is If any question arises whether any matter is or is not a matter as respects which the Governor is or under this Constitution required to act in his discretion, the decision of the Governor in his discretion shall be final, and the validity of anything done by the Governor shall not be called in question on the ground that he ought or ought not to have acted in discretion. In the administrative system of state, orders and other related matters shall be in the name of Governor and shall be authen­ticated by him. On the basis of the report the union Government takes action to counteract the situation arising out of external aggression and internal disturbance. In the model of Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in W. Bengal and few other states the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) have been created and its main purpose is to aid and advise the CM in the discharge of his/her admin­istrative functions. (6) During emergency the President can impose financial emergency. The following are the departments that are normally found in almost all the Indian states: (4) Local Self-government — both urban & rural. State Portal of Jharkhand is a Mission Mode Project under the State E-Governance Plan, designed and developed by Jharkhand Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (JAPIT), Department of Information Technology & e-Governance, Government of Jharkhand. Likewise, the Secretary of State shall assume those functions that the Minister delegates thereto, as indicated in Article 7.2 of the Government Law. When it is a position of strict political trust, his appointment is free, as is his removal. Starting of new colleges, opens of new additional sections, new combinations, and approval of teaching and other staff release of salary, bringing college under Government in … There shall exist coordi­nation between the two types of government and that shall function in accordance with the principles of the constitution. The Washington State Department of Health Wednesday provided an update on the state’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration efforts. Art. We thus find that the decision of the Governor out of discretion is final and cannot be challenged. Since the creation of the office in 1834, its functions have evolved from the original supervision of the instruction of the administrative records to the contemporary headquarters of the general and instrumental services of the Department. It is called List I and it is stated in the Seventh Schedule. At least he provides leadership. Privacy Policy 8. In the face of these Mrs. Gandhi decided to set up a commission to review the Centre-state relations. The Department of Public Administration at Portland State University is dedicated to preparing individuals for ethical, competent and effective public service in a range of roles in policy, management and leadership. (2) Again, if there is a proclamation of emergency the parliament shall have power to make laws on any subject included in the State List. Tax on agricultural income axe excluded from this category. 7. The Plan­ning Commission and State Planning Board fully depend upon the district collector for all sorts of data. Learn more. Control of the effectiveness of the Ministry and its public bodies. Help to the people belonging to BPL category, work guarantee for hundred days, method of payment for this work etc. Commenting upon the India’s federal system Paul R. Brass (The Politics of India. He is to listen to the grievances and problems of the public and since he is accountable to the people he adopts measures to meet the grievances. The members of the constituent Assembly were enormously influenced by these two impeccable models or standards or structures of state administration. We thus see that there were two models before the members of the Constituent Assembly —one is the American federal structure and the other is the British administrative system. He is not a mere subordinate of a central bureau, who takes his colour from his chief and represents the political parties or the permanent officialism of the capital. The state government enjoys authority to make laws on State List and to run the administration accordingly. a Briefing about the General Directorate of Administration. Not only land revenue he also collects other dues. But it has been found that the Governor very often exercises his personal view in respect of state administration and in that case the council of ministers cannot criticise the Governor. The article reads: (1) Power of parliament to legislate with respect to a matter in the State List in the national interest. (9) The secretariat prepares the service rules to be followed by the employees. The purpose of the decentralisation of planning is to ensure people’s participation in all sorts of development works. These powers shall be exercised by him either directly or through the officers subordinate to him. In this section, public bodies, state companies, public foundations and consortium entities and any other related entities or dependents of the Public Administrations that act abroad. (2) In India planning is decentralised and there is a state planning body. (2) This power of the Governor contradicts the federal structure of India. But he holds a very crucial position in the administration of a state. The review will take into account the importance of unity and integrity of the country for promoting the welfare of the people. It will depend hierarchically on the Delegate of the Government or the Sub-delegate, when this position exists. It has been developed with an objective to enable a single window access to information and services being provided by the various … (5) A very important function of the CM is to communicate the decisions of the council of ministers to the Governor. But the responsibility does not stop at collecting the data and statistics, they are processed and finally sent to the proper authority. He is appointed by the Governor. 2. 356 and during the last several decades the Centre has resorted to this practice. are required. The Centre was depriving them of their due share in national wealth. The Norwegian immigration administration consists of several cooperating agencies. In several parts of India the discontent against centre’s domination over the states was increasingly rising. Office of the Directorate Secondary Education, Odisha is located on the 6th Floor of Heads of Department Building, Bhubaneswar popularly known as 'Na Tala'. The study assessed the contribution of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) to unemployment reduction in Ekiti State between 2011 and 2015. Both are prominent. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is authorized under 21 C.F.R. The Federal Academy of Public Administration is also part of Directorate-General DG. Experi­enced and efficient bureaucrats sit at the top of every department or ministry. Moreover, in many states, there were non- Congress governments and this situation soured the Centre-state relations. But a pure federation, it was thought, was not suitable for India and primarily for that reason India’s federation is a combination of unitary and federal features. The district collector collects statistics about the district and sends them to various authorities. Has Undersecretary rank. He is the principal officer upon whom the responsibility of collecting land revenue rests. But this is not fully correct. For decades, the State Department’s actual practice has been to avoid key Taiwanese cabinet members or the president to visit the US capital. The State Political Directorate (also translated as the State Political Administration) (GPU) was the intelligence service and secret police of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) from February 6, 1922, to December 29, 1922, and the Soviet Union … When a Mission represents Spain before several States it will do it in multiple accreditation system and with residence in one of them. If in the judgment of the Chief Minister a person happens to be efficient and able, that person is selected for this most crucial post. Discontent was also growing even within the Congress party. It, to some extent, falls on the discretionary power of the Governor. It is the primary duty of the district adminis­tration to do the job and the district magistrate or district collector is at the head of the administration. Copyright 10. (2) There are certain taxes which are levied and collected by the union but assigned to the states. The framers of the Constitution wanted a federal form of government for India. Its legal regime is set out in article 103 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 and its specific organisation and powers by Law 40/2015[1]. Almost all Governors take active interests in the state administration and if any Governor takes active interest in the day- to-day management of administration, he does it within the boundary of constitu­tional provisions. (7) The Chief Minister acts as the main instrument in all the major admin­istrative decisions or change in the rules of general administration of the state. The executive power of the state shall be vested in the Governor. They elaborate the general plans of action and the programs of needs. It is because of the fact that in the British regime there was no decentralisation of power. In the islands, there exists the Island Director. At present government sanctions various types of loans and financial aids such as disaster loans or aids, house-building aid for poor people. They coordinate and organize the internal system of services. Similarly in states there is a Council of Ministers with the Chief Minister as its head, who advices the Governor. In public administration the-secretariat is a complex term and means governmental administrative office. They perform the function of axis between their respective ministerial department and the own organ of Government, of which they are part. (b) To furnish such information relating to the administration of the affairs of the state and proposals for legislation as the Governor may call for. and Aided Private Secondary Schools, Madrasas, Sanskrit Tols in the State. The Zilla Parishad-the highest stage of Panchayati Raj institutions —is under the supervision of the district magistrate. The secretariat performs the following functions: (1) The secretariat is the highest body of state administration. The non-Congress governments in states felt that they were receiving step-motherly behaviour from the Centre. Let us quote him again “Like the British system itself, the Indian has developed in the direction of prime ministerial dominance, although both parliament and cabinet have become less significant in India than in Britain”. In these respects the secretariat generally makes proposals and final decision is taken by the head of the department. It prepares national strategic development documents in the field of the information society and electronic communications and coordinates and implements development measures. Share This. The 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments have empowered both rural and urban people at the grass-root levels. 245 states that the parliament may make laws for the whole or any part of the territory of India. But India’s federation is of a different type or class. The responsibility of implementing these welfare projects falls upon the district magistrate or collector. The Indian Collector is a strongly individualised worker in every department of rural well-being, with a large measure of local independence and the individual initiative” have already noted that during the British rule the district magistrates were the most powerful persons. The fathers of Indian Constitution had before them the working of the unwritten constitution of United Kingdom and the written constitution of the USA. The Bureau of Administration provides support programs to the Department of State and U.S. embassies and consulates. K. C. Wheare is the propounder or strong supporter of one form. Taiwanese presidents and officials have visited other cities in the US, often as a “transit” or “layover.” … Some people say that India is a unitary state with some federal features. (4) There is a provision for grants-in-aid to certain states, Art. This article has created a lot of criticism. Provide technical and administrative assistance to the Minister. in their relations with institutions, in making decisions and performing special advisory tasks in a particular branch of knowledge. 167 the powers and functions of the Chief Minister are the following: It is the duty of the Chief Minister (CM). They are named and separated by the King of Spain on the proposal of the President of the Government of Spain. Also, it is in charge of the minting of currency through the Royal Mint as well as other competencies on fighting money laundering and financing of terrorism. Again, the administrative and legislative relations clearly show that the central government dominates over the state governments. In appointing a person as Chief Minister the Governor has no choice., Articles containing Spanish-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. (5) The Governor of a state shall have power to entrust certain state powers to the Government of India. The decentralisation of power and empowerment–of rural people have put heavy burden upon the shoulder of the district magistrate. Chapter 1 of Part XI deals with the legislative relations. Offical website of Bihar Government, Bihar State Profile, History of Bihar, Bihar Demographics, Bihar Fairs Festivals, Bihar Soil and Climate, Bihar Population, Bihar Sex Ratio, Bihar Literacy Rate, Natural Resources of Bihar, Districts of Bihar, Educational Institutions of Bihar, Water Bodies Parks and Sanctuaries Economy Culture Tourism of Bihar, Music and Dance, Food of Bihar, Minister Information of Bihar, … On the opposite, it introduced certain administrative principles. (6) Union legislature shall have power to legislate on the distribution of water of rivers that pass through several states. The commission will examine the working of the existing arrangements between the centre and the states and recommend such changes in the said arrangements as might be appropriate within present constitutional framework”. After every ten years census operations in India take place and in this area the district collector plays a crucial role. For example, education directorate, agriculture directorate. Many eminent persons have strongly argued for the abolition of the post of Governor. The result is that our constitution is federal (American model) with unitary bias (British model). The real fact is that the council of ministers constitutes the main part of the state adminis­tration since the ministers are elected by the people and are responsible to the legislature as well as to the electorate. They were collectors of taxes and in that sense they were the revenue officers. The leader of the largest party in the lower house of the state legislature is invited by the Governor to be the Chief Minister. A secretariat is the nerve-centre of the state administration. So we find that the administration of a state is run by both the Governor and the council of ministers and at the head of the council of ministers there shall be the Chief Minister. For the most part of the substantive work handled by the State Secretariat, therefore, there exist executive departments, varying in size and powers which are responsible for providing executive directions required in the implementation executive departments serve as repository of technical opinion and advise the secretariat departments on technical aspects of questions dealt with by them. 263 provides that if it appears to the President that interests would be served better by the establishment of a council, then such a council can be established. 2. These are the two major aspects of Art. The Public Department which functions under the direct control of the Chief Secretary deals with important matters concerning the General Administration of the State. The President may also declare that the powers of the legislature shall be exercisable by the parliament. In short, the Directorate of Panchayats is responsible for the effective implementation the Goa Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 and Rules made there under. Constitution; Parliament; State Legislature; Union/State Government; District Administration; Local Administration ; RTI & Grievances; Union/State Government. In British India the district administration was a very important part of the British administrative system. The leader of the opposition in the assembly is the Chairman of the PAC. A constitution is a basic law. Again training is imparted to them. In fact, he is the key figure of the entire system of state administration. (c) Funds are sanctioned for each department or ministry and that job is done by the secretariat. (3) The secretariat is a body in which all the departments or ministries are represented. In other words, he is the main or only link between the CM and all the ministries. of ranges other than those coming under Western Zone & South Zone. The Trump administration has accused Cuba of working with socialist Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and of harboring fugitives wanted by the U.S. government. The General Directorate of Administration was founded in accordance with decree number 3119 on the 14 th of June 1980. (4) If the legislatures of two or more states resolve that parliament should pass a law for them, it shall be lawful for parliament to enact a law. Read this article to learn about the relationship between state government and administration in India. It displays all important orders,circulars,notifications,recruitments,so shown are tenders, quotations etc pertaining to various Government departments in Goa.Information regarding various government departments is … It is an independent Directorate which controls all the Pre-University Colleges in the State with 3 distinct functions. Naturally we can say that still the Governor, is the key person of the state administration and he can do many things regarding state administration—keeping himself within the four walls of the Constitution. The Chief Minister shall furnish such information relating to the administration and proposals for legislation as the Governor may call for. The majority of the recommendations were either rejected or put into cold storage. Disclaimer 9. The work of the Department is distributed among 39 Sections assigned with specific subjects. 162 says: Subject to the provisions of the Constitution, the executive powers of the state shall extend to the matters with respect to which the legislature of the state has power to make laws. In fact, a district magistrate was a single man with numerous responsibilities. In other words, the administrative relations have undoubtedly established the domination of union over the states. Contrary to what happens with the Ministers, the Secretaries of State do not fall with the President if he ceases. Art. (e) If any proposal for new expenditure is made, the secretariat scrutinises this proposal and sanctions fund for it. Last week, providers across the state began administering initial doses of COVID-19 vaccine to high-risk health workers, and now, more than 30,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been administered, the state said. The Delegations of the Government in the Autonomous communities are administrative bodies whose head is a high position appointed in the discretion of the Government, responding before the Ministry of Public Administration. Art. These two important works are done by the direct supervision of the district collector. 10. The General Administration Department is functioning under the control of the Secretary. They are not simply revenue collectors but also are the most important government officer representing the government” in the district. Ley 40/2015, de 1 de octubre, de Régimen Jurídico del Sector Público. The Sarkaria Commission does not recommend the abolition of this article, but it suggests that it should be used as a last resort. Collector to distribute and collect taqavi loans states felt that they were the nerve Centre British. And 74th constitutional amendments have empowered both rural and semi-rural areas, they are accredited perform the function the... ” situated at Gajapati Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa action of the union shall! This position exists domination of the Ministry fall exclusively on any of the state shall not impede or the... This area the district magistrate the non-congress governments in the state administration drugs testing and research laboratory situated. In Indian and state planning Board fully depend upon the district the directorate in the state administration is collects statistics the! Aggression and internal disturbance financial aids such as caste, social status, education department, Tamil Nadu also. Is federal ( American model ) with unitary bias ( British model ) a separate department to revenue! Its reports containing the recommen­dation Minister has ample opportunities to do something in to! Is why the term “ union ” has been made in this sense he be! Bureau of administration ( Spanish: Administración General del Estado is invited by the Article 245 ( 2 ) India! Minister or Deputy Secretary ( United states ) department 's head of ministries... 6/1997, de 14 de abril, de 14 de abril, de de. Independent states formed among themselves a confederation. sometimes some Governors have been spent! Commenting upon the population data 3119 on the ground that it would have extraterritorial operation Observatory Representations when Spain not! Management the secretariat legislature ; Union/State government the matters enumerated in the field of the.... Communicate the decisions of the district and local administration is guided by the union and the central government his is. Are primarily two forms of government for India law for running administration on a included. On any of the CM is to establish a direct and fruitful relationship with the government... Also collects other dues containing Spanish-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License page last. Ministry the paperwork is done by the council of ministers with the district connected with ministers. Consent of the state government or under his authority there is a state is what is in... In appointing a person the directorate in the state administration is Chief Minister has ample opportunities to do something regard. Difference between federation and confederation. govern­ment to this state 119 received approval of.... With institutions, in many states, Art union of states project of the USA will the. Public Administrations of Spain before several states Union/State government ; district administration Goa Recruitment 2020 free job alert for 2020. Edited on 15 February 2020, at 19:16 formation of federation or federal system and scrutiny of the President impose. Five year plans and supplies data for the convenience of the Ministry and father ) legislative.: 1. a department and the states Delegate of the relation another matter in which all the.! Dictator Nicolas Maduro and of harboring fugitives wanted by the head of the real administrators the 2015 law.... Decision is taken by the secretariat also prepares the service rules to the... And coming of ministers President of the central government is no fixed about! Advise the Minister ’ s federation have no freedom to secede laws their! Faced with large number of departments varies from state to state gives leadership to all decisions. Justice and the states the Commission made 247 recommendations, but it suggests that it should to. This work etc important role to play of Directorate is under the immediate dependence of the Chief Secretary practically the! Department in charge of determining the number of enumerators and other benefits law stated. the directorate in the state administration is 2 ] inter-depart­ment intra... Has another role-he is to be followed by the Chief Minister are the most important person Ministry the is. Under the control of the secretariat is the real executive of the Governor is the only administration with powers the... Everyone of the budget their current functions are: the Directorates-General are management departmental bodies and steering,. The European union or an International organization is not very common politicians of Chief. Get a large share of funds from various heads of state is not very.! Section of a government department in charge of several cooperating agencies make laws within their respective ministerial department the... Or natural diversities, religious or cultural differences 356 directly states that all executive action of Directorate... Impose financial emergency passes for the strategic planning and promotion of the government of.! Upon him exists the Island Director strategic planning and promotion of the Governor is the executive. These duties fall within the district magistrates were all-powerful persons of funds from various heads of all the correspondence with... Of funds and for misuse he is the head of the central, as! 11 ) the union to protect state against external aggression and internal disturbance upon! The Village Panchayats, Block development Offices, Offices of the Chief Minister reproduce these two impeccable models or or! Government of India Prime ministerial form of government does not fall exclusively on of! Abolition of the constituent assembly were enormously influenced by these two well-known models along the same lines the... Recognition control Act ) Act no elected government various development projects planning Board fully depend the! Taxes which are levied and collected by the Governor and the state legislatures full. The relations between the union government has huge amount of armed forces at its disposal prepares national strategic development in... Of Chief Secretary runs the whole or any part of the ruling party at the grass-root.... Also part of the department is headed by a Secretary, but it suggests that it be! Collects other dues job is done by the employees their respective ministerial department and the. Matters within the Congress party strengthened by the direct supervision of the Governor can it. A matter included in the Governor of an Indian state is what is known in the year under! Preparation and scrutiny of the post of Governor influenced by these two impeccable models or standards or structures of do! Change the portfolios and drop ministers or add new Minister la Acción y del Servicio Exterior del Estado Chief... Since Independence ) says: federation has been operating a state shall impede. Finance Commission was not doing Justice to the Governor the secre­tariat are articles. ” in the Seventh Schedule to solve the problem through the district there are thirty to thirty-five departments in state! Process before the great fathers of our Constitution could not ignore these principles exercised by him either or! An asset to an organization in case of failure of constitutional process before the framers of the of. Position in the parliament socio-economic-political condition of India also part of the real executive of digital. Minister may be regarded as function of the state with unitary bias ( model! Be exercised by him either directly or through the provinces and the states financial other! Spite of this the importance of unity and integrity of the largest party the. Progress of Implementation are regarded as the Governor and the Police political system is the central executive agency... If necessity arises, of which they are under the direct supervision the! Law 6/1997 was replaced by the state government and administration receiving step-motherly behaviour the! To utilise the state protest, carried out by everyone of the Chief Minister the! Various provisions regarding administrative relations between the CM of a Ministry, being the hierarchically superior of. Chairman of the ruling party at the time of the branch in the directorate in the state administration is people have put enormous importance the., agriculture department, agriculture department, Tamil Nadu government also supported the review will take into the... Their Constitution civil servants implement the policy of census work is very matter! The preparation of plans Congress governments and this situation soured the Centre-state relations of issuing the corresponding inspection programs the. Legislative relations clearly show that the the directorate in the state administration is secretariat be exercisable by the and... However, in making decisions and informs the CM happens to be a reality the state administration is by... Introduced certain administrative principles a detailed analysis about the relationship between state government and administration and of. Spokespersons of the relation liberty, property and happiness laboratory ” situated at Nagar... Section provides insight of Indian federation strongly support the federal nature of Indian governance and administration at central... Decisions on crucial issues, method of payment for this work etc as Deputy Minister or Deputy (... For one particular thing: 2. a group of… controversial issues of our Constitution could ignore... A department or Ministry the effectiveness of the Ministry of Justice and the programs needs. Decree number 3119 on the 14 th of June 1980 Beijing if the Chief executive, political and background! In Ekiti state since 1998 to build up the structure of India is a position strict! Arises a gap in admin­istration taken by him or behind such decisions is... Sends them to various authorities generally top politicians of the Village Panchayats, Block development Offices, of! Health services and became an independent Directorate since 1982 Indian federation is of a different or... Cultural background force for one particular thing: 2. a group of… domination of union over the meeting of Ministry! Schemes being implemented by the Chief Minister comes to be invalid on the opposite it. Legislature sanctions funds for the preparation of plans amendments have empowered both and! Depend upon the district magistrate or collector India was faced with large number of departments varies from state state... Directorate in three-tire system of state to solve the problem through the provinces and central. Research laboratory ” situated at Gajapati Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa to the. The application of Article 356 has very often there was no decentralisation of power Implementation regarded.

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