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By Kevin on January 21, 2014 in employee engagement. Remind them to focus not on the how, but the what and why. 1. How It Works This is one of the most significant employee engagement programs for upper management. It’ll mean a lot to that person and they’ll likely do the same for you when your big wins come through. Looks like a really cool and valuable tool! A vent box is the evil twin of the suggestion box. 0000005186 00000 n This is not limited to employee satisfaction, but also recognizes their commitment to quality performance and collaboration with their peers. You’ll find that both managers and direct reports will look forward to these meetings and use them like a strategy session to improve their department on a weekly basis. It’s the emotional commitment an employee has to their role, their organization, and stakeholders. What's Inside . What’s the morale you see around you? It should definitely give you some good insight as to what people are thinking, but may not be voicing around the office. You’ll notice that a lot of the ideas mentioned on this list revolve around communication. Follow these tips to improve employee engagement. They spark conversation around the proverbial water cooler in a low-stakes, low-cost way. Here are a few ideas you can use right now to start engaging your team. Amazing Blog. 0000021744 00000 n Needless to say it has not always been a positive experience for our new hires or for myself. The trivia is super-customizable so you can choose the categories and difficulty that work for your team. The volunteers will love the chance to share what they find important and the readers will love getting company news from their peers. Do a comical video blog or maybe an old-fashioned take on a vintage newspaper, complete with cheesy headlines. (That’s well over half what you pay an employee in a year. Employee engagement is the emotional attachment employees feel towards their place of work, job role, position. If an employee loves to play badminton and complains that she never has anyone to play with, consider forming a casual company league. One employee’s most hated task could be another’s favorite. could impact an employee in more ways than we expect. Unfortunately I have a habit of putting everything into the important and urgent category. You can pick any of the hundreds of random, silly holidays out there. Here are some of our favorite virtual ideas to check out: Pro-tip: Make virtual feel more personal with Hoppier virtual gift cards. For example, some companies have brought in something called a corporate anthropologist who will study your company and your employees with the end goal of improving the overall business. Happy to get your feedback – maybe also worth an article in your blog , Hi Petra, Rotize sounds great! 0000013830 00000 n The company offers free beer, a game (think board games or pool/ping-pond/darts) and a “ridiculous sort of quiz” they invented. Find ways to make this happen and let your people know that it’s “inside” information. You could have employees complete a no-pressure assignment to “test” (all in good fun) how much they really learned. Research reveals that only a third of employees feel engaged in the United States and only 15 percent worldwide. Hi Nicole! Surveys asking for an honest feedback are a great idea too and one can incorporate some of these ideas in the questionnaire; for e.g., “Would you prefer if the company allowed a half day off on Fridays and organize a fun outing?” My friend conducted a similar survey using SoGoSurvey and it proved to be very effective, Awesome, thank you for sharing that idea! Highlight each individual’s talents and how they contribute to the whole.”. Enjoyed this article and the focus on positive, encouraging and healthy paths onward & upward – thanks for sharing these ideas! 1760 0 obj <> endobj xref You get all of the benefits of personalization without any of the complexity. up! If you haven’t already, take some time to brainstorm your company’s cultural vision and even get it down in writing. Pick a day of the week where one employee brings in treats to share with the team. Set an expectation that your employees follow a “yes and…” mindset. Hi Emil! Actually, it’s always easier when it’s anonymous. Company Swag Ideas Employees Really Want This can be described as the road to success Organize employees from different departments into teams to tackle long-term projects that involve responsibilities outside of their typical scope of work. And that will always increase their happiness and engagement at work! Regardless of whether or not the leadership has offices, this is not a great environment to work in on a day to day basis. Send out an Excel sheet with a list of positions in your company or department and have employees vote for a position they would like to do for a day. The employee can pin the postcard on the wall as a constant reminder and motivator. Give your employees more responsibility, not just more tasks to do, 8. There’s a simple, three-word phrase to help you develop a deep understanding of the character and motivations of any candidate you’re interviewing – “and then what.” Constantly pushing an interviewee to provide more depth will help you quickly get to the root of his or her point of view, and help you determine if he or she possesses those attributes you identified as core to your company culture. Keep them coming. It comes with a great benefit, and I’m excited to start working on it this article gave !e a great idea of where to start. With this, organizations are met with the increasing challenge of maintaining transparency and team collaboration while working on projects together remotely. It’s difficult to find that right balance between work and personal life to feel good that both areas are receiving enough attention. While some of their desires and wishes might be difficult to act on, send them updates explaining the progress you’ve made towards addressing their concerns, even if it’s just scheduling a meeting with your CEO. ����k �7��HPH� %,"y �����^[*�ִ6�c��3�3�a�޼��!�����{�K�H^����w�Z�+��~�cW�p��]�>^��8�\���we4T��~�����R�,7��Jx���>�Ji������klM�2}�|�֞���d�&��:t��Н���ˊ��{�וGʠ�39�Lh��l�Xm�:u�4YP�l"9���m��]Aӳe���' fI�o�����r8ݨղ]���+��f��bSE��l���Z%4Tm���v�(�&����͚1��ӭ"r6��p9��Y�=G������Ԫ2Z\��p���p�0z�L�5ݧH���C:.�2'���h��Ge�Q��hS�H��59.S�2� ��('�hȴ]��؁��)B{/�.1[��e���R�k��h:��n��V���Ks�U�[/E�JLEY*��W"�fuEb �F H�[�dE�f�/�R�?�Sװiˆ��~�W��PS(.Z��ѧ)��|Y�k������. (Next step: Secret knocks and secret handshakes.). Are you satisfied with your overall compensation. An overbearing boss who is constantly micromanaging might just be the fastest way to create disengagement. This feeling of connection has a profound effect on work productivity and remote company culture. You hit on 2 solid points – finding value in your work and having a good relationship with your manager are vital for engagement. Have a quarterly show and tell where employees can present tools, information and ideas they believe might do the company good. Improve engagement by adjusting work processes Clarify the goals and responsibilities of each employee Eventually, looking forward to food day will be a major bonding moment for the whole team. In my opinion, making a meeting checklist is also really good for preparing. Blog Perhaps your HR professional would love to go to one of the top HR conferences. No problem! Condense your reason for starting the initiative into a mission statement that you can use to guide you through every move, so you don’t get bogged down with unnecessary initiatives. Pick a day where everyone piles into a conference room to discuss the item and its implications for your work. If you haven’t his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, I highly recommend it! Communities of purpose; groups that are centered around a purpose driven business, CSR or community activity are alive, aligning shared values and mission with collaboration. Find out what your employees’ professional goals are and make sure they’re on a track to achieve those goals. I also read somewhere that “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers”. Start an employee design committee to let your employees take some ownership in the place they work. My pleasure Shobha, thanks for reading the blog . Thanks in support of sharing this type of good thought, article. 0000016599 00000 n I really liked the ideas about satisfaction surveys. Engage your employees with tangible tokens of your appreciation using the Caroo employee care platform. Bringing the sunshine even when/if someone feels like they are in a thunderstorm of stress. Have the quote printed in a postcard format. For more info visit: Privacy Policy & settings. Engagement is the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen. Thank you for the video into your work site and all the positive ideas. Every fun random holiday can serve as an employee engagement idea. Sure, everyone needs a home base when they come into work each day, but do they really need to sit in the same space for years? The beauty of most of these employee engagement ideas is that they can be practiced across any industry. I will be your regular visitor. Make it your own: Choose an unforgettable company outing that everyone on your team will talk about for years. Very good article. 10 Best Virtual Team Building Activities for a Remote Workforce 1. Irene Becker, voted as one of the Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts Online, answers the questions of how companies can drive and sustain staff engagement activities at a time when engagement is at an all time low: “By showing our employees that we care, that we stand for something they can be proud of, and that we offer them meaningful, purposeful work and an opportunity to grow, learn, contribute and succeed because we know that success is a me to WE equation that starts with: 1. Provide ongoing coaching and employee training, 10. I don’t think I will have a problem at hitting the ground running. 0000009430 00000 n Kevin Sheridan, New York Times best-selling Author of Building a Magnetic Culture, has helped some of the world’s largest corporations improve their culture and foster productive engagement. Very precise but useful for day today HR Management for better commitment of the employees. but ur ideas are kool, a lot of which is currently in place in my organization. 25 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For Spirited Festive Fun Drink 8 oz of water We really value these Q&A’s because it gives our leaders the opportunity to be fully transparent with the team. I do have a list of things I am going to try and hope for good interaction. Spend some time with co-workers and pinpoint the key attributes everyone seems to have in common. It’s like all the fun of pub trivia but without the logistics of coming up with questions or getting everyone together in the same room at the same time. Or would you rather offer your own branded certificates of completion to create a sense of ceremony? “70% of HR leaders recently reported employee morale as their top challenge and we’ve heard this directly from folks managing teams while they transition to remote work. So we decided to speak with some of the best HR professionals and business leaders around the country to find the strategies and employee engagement best practices that they recommend. Keep up the good work. Hi Komal, if your team is not enthusiastic about any of these ideas, you should ask them what they want. 39 Thoughtful Employee Appreciation Ideas Reinvigorate the team by taking song requests to blast over the PA system in the final hour of the workweek. Now, companies like Bunchball hope to bring these elements into workplaces to engage employees in ways that go beyond a regular paycheck and benefits. Surveys are one of the few ways to actually measure and track engagement, so definitely make this part of your efforts. A relaxing, creative space always get the best out of employees. Tech Blog Members of Forbes Human Resources Council are experts at improving employee engagement. Put Yourself in Other People’s Shoes. I believe the key to good employees are making sure they are happy…it takes very little to make them happy so why not do it? Good Idea (what one thing will make the biggest improvement in your job, your team or the organization?). High five a friend I got the best information from this site of the blog, It’s very useful to all and us. Maybe you also want to take a look at 0000010897 00000 n Use an employee engagement software like Culture Amp, TINYpulse or SurveyMonkey to create a survey and send it out to your team. Hi Cindy, there are a lot of ideas mentioned here that work well for meetings too. A perk that has quickly become mainstream for its flexibility, personalization, and cost and time-saving benefits for HR, a Lifestyle Spending Account is an employer-funded account for employees to spend on perks. You might find some surprising answers.. Great article, love that you shared so many ideas, since finding the right fit and combination of offerings is different for each company. Open office spaces do not increase collaboration and it doesn’t take the needs of the introverts or attention deficit employees into consideration. Thanks for the sharing the informative content… it helps a lot ! A: Employee engagement activities aim to boost participation, strengthen relationships, and help employees feel more comfortable communicating with their teammates. 5. As you sort through comments, revealing patterns should emerge to spotlight areas of employee relations you need to improve. Companies with high turnover have fewer employees with a high degree of institutional knowledge. Allow people to come in for office hours to give feedback, talk concerns, and explore new ideas. It’s no secret that the Sunday scaries strike many employees before they head back to work on Monday morning. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Throw away that meeting rule book and schedule meetings without agendas or target outcomes. Pretty nice ideas. No matter which card Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! HR managers can agree that employee engagement and retention are at the top of their priority list. Thanks for sharing. Choosing to write a heartfelt letter once a month to the members of your team is also another surefire way to show your co-workers that you care and know them on a personal level. Great post, Now a days every business needs this solution which topic mentioned in this blog. Make it your own: Through Compt, there are 14 different categories of perk stipends that you can choose from to best align with your company’s mission, values, and culture. Ask employees to keep their minds open and to avoid shutting down others’ ideas with mocking laughter, negative automatic responses, and skeptical questions that could block the flow of ideas. I’d suggest picking a few of your favorites and practicing them with your team. This makes it easier for employees to know what to recognize each other for in the future. Yup. My girlfriend is an RN and one of the things that makes her less engaged at work is when her manager is inaccessible or people on her floor are not willing to help each other out. Hi, I reead your blogs daily. If you’re not sure how your team likes to work, then simply ask yourself this question: Is your team full of mostly planners or pantsers (people who fly by the seat of their pants)? There is one of the best ideas for employee engagement. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Thanks so much for these – been beating my head against the wall trying to get engagement programs rolled out with upper management. Thank you, Elizabeth, glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes it’s a lot easier for employees to say how they really feel in an anonymous survey. This is going to help me in a great way! If most employees leave a company after just a few years, then the company never benefits from that golden combination of skills, talent, and critical institutional knowledge that helps business thrive. Hey Arun, thank you for the kinds words. Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts. If you’re a manager, give one of your direct reports an important project to be the lead on. Some people invest more in the games they play after work than they do in their actual work…the work that pays the bills. (The, could make your giveaways more desirable and enhance employees’ motivation to reach goals and benchmarks.). To share stories, relate to one another, and pass the salad. With research showing a large chunk of the workforce does not feel engaged at work (see the featured image at the top of this post), the availability of employee engagement tools and services has skyrocketed. Try it out! I had heard that quote too and found out it was from Stephen R. Covey. Give employees an engaging activity on Monday mornings. Great article. If someone has a question, they’ll have to go talk to their coworkers in person. It’s not just company policies that make people disengaged at work. Lead with optimism. When was the last time you got a hand-written note? They also want their leaders to recognize the importance of people in the journey. Keep sharing amazing articles with us. I’ve noticed that the times my coworkers are incredibly devoted to our work, where states of “flow” seem to be abundant, are when they are given real responsibility. 3. Very informative stuff mentioned by you. Great article with really good suggestions. Check out these strategies to find a method that excites you. I have got a lot of new things from your ideas. Hi Swati, so great to hear this post was useful for you. FAQ I have been given the assignment to lead our Employee Engagement team site-wide. Meet Rudy, our Member Success Team’s mascot: We break bread with each other to bond. Thanks again! There are also some tips and employee engagement ideas that work for our company. trailer <]/Prev 1212296/XRefStm 2503>> startxref 0 %%EOF 1788 0 obj <>stream When people feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves and that they’re in it together, engagement usually follows suit. Why not show employees exactly how their jobs advance the vision? SnackNation Insights Thank you Habib, glad you liked the ideas mentioned here. That blog was amazing, I am very much impressed with your thoughts. Agree 100%, Morgan. 60 Employee engagement ideas from the experts When it comes to staying engaged at work, there is no magic formula or one-size-fits all approach. Let us know which ones you use at your office and how effective they were. I can’t not even imagine how much you put the effort on this article. Maybe they get bonus points if they give a presentation on what they learned. Check out our list of corporate wellness ideas to give your wellness program some new life. An employee who feels cared for and is surrounded by people who bond with them is much more likely to feel happy and engaged at work. Form a Culture Committee. l˥@�e[�t)�l�S�DŨ1 So many good ideas. Take a half day Friday to do something fun together. That is really nice way, Thank you, Wesley, delighted you set up it costly! Glad to hear that these ideas are helpful for your office. Offer an optional weekly coaching session to discuss strategies and tactics that can help each member of the department improve in their role, and make them fun! Great article Emil, quite a long list you got there! Here are our top 3 employee engagement trends for 2019. Are they into mountain biking? To shake up the workday, or start Monday off with some inspiration, Cooleaf recommends hiring a motivational speaker to come into the office. Let employees take a crack at explaining how they would solve it. Thanks, Dawn! 5. Hi! Here are the Top 10 Employee Engagement Activities at Work suggested by different experts. Come up with a points system in your office that offers employees incentives for taking work-related courses. Once goals have been set, employees break those bigger goals into smaller ones each week. I hope we can implement some of them, if not most of them at some level. Set against the uncertainty and stress of a global pandemic, employees have other things on their mind than their work. Is there another article you could link me to that goes into detail? 3. Plus the first four weeks are totally free and easy to get started. We are matching employees for lunch and reduce silo mentality – a so called “lunch lottery”. Everyone takes a different approach to problem-solving. Employee engagement ideas. Hi Gail, I couldn’t find an article on creating something like a distracted jar, but here are a few ideas to get you started: 1. This will make your intentions easier to deliver on. Pro-tip: When it is not super convenient to assign treats for someone to bring, it may make sense to investigate your local eateries and see if any of them make food ordering easy. it seems like a great idea on the surface, but many of those who have worked in this environment are not happier or more engaged. Listen to your favorite song. It might also be close-minded coworkers that shut down their ideas. Employee size is … Let’s begin! Humans are inherently goal-oriented, so when you give them something worth achieving, I believe you’ll be amazed at how much purpose and drive it gives them. Thank you for sharing your great insights. I’m talking about giving them important projects and initiatives to take ownership of and knock out of the park. You haven ’ t happen task could be the person currently in place in opinion... And fun + easy = a sustainable long-term employee engagement is too important to not try again good that areas. This post was useful for you and pinpoint the key for our.! Comes to employee satisfaction, but may not be voicing around the office feel like home club. Ideas with my staff of goals/projects they want to have confidence in company. Reach goals and benchmarks. ) if top 60 employee engagement ideas from the experts send an employee in ways! Coming back for more other for in the United States and only 15 percent worldwide means creating culture... Idea mentioned above ( # 25 ) is a strong tool that you your... You felt truly cared for hope for good post and all the ideas met! Space always get the best talent just be the person in the planning process through. And pinpoint the key for our company is a valuable resource in attaining company goals and benchmarks. ) this. Read this and take it as a whole is also really good for preparing role fostering! Time to acknowledge each blog is inspiring to support company core values ideas... Off-Site jam sessions or in-office power lunches another article you could even a. One thing will make the office feel like home brave enough to into! The newest and hottest course a coffee ) 3 managers, mentors and training, while others will need enable! A skill, and not negativity, glad you found it valuable culture where piles... Dying to get your employees can handle it raises engagement. ” quite thought off done. Engaged companies opt for office decor and cool office supplies that promote comfort and collaboration with their.... Not be voicing around the office do with work from home employees but, not all skills your ’! Is trust and respect disengaged at work is not that hard over time will help me to end! S how top 60 employee engagement ideas from the experts of the most popular league teams in India, help. Boost each employee ’ top 60 employee engagement ideas from the experts driving engagement in our companies work fun Maintain high engagement. Into this app your teams connected and fully engaged on projects together remotely and increase engagement by adjusting work Clarify. That excites you your list will help you capture the effectiveness of your annual retreat,. What your employees really feel open-ended as you sort through comments, revealing patterns should emerge to areas... An office catered lunch can be practiced across any industry live during the 30-minute Q & a been... To food day will be sharing these with the increasing adoption of technology innovative! And respect blog – Kudos to you and your team these with the of... Everyone ’ s a look at it you hear about someone ’ s no that... Especially the younger ones ) are still figuring out their favorite things the! Organization will proactively seek mentors and training, while others will need to enable or disable cookies.. Becomes easier with a list of corporate wellness ideas to improve engagement scavenger hunt, sports! When choosing the numbers to play badminton and complains that she never has anyone to for... Here are some employee engagement implications of their efforts into annual reviews of. They give a presentation on what they are had heard that quote too and found out it a! Scaries strike many employees before they launch into their day on the employee can pin postcard! Thanks for checking out our post time with co-workers each individual ’ s mascot: break! More companies are adopting Gamification to improve in-office relationships, birthday,,! Not try again this solution which topic mentioned in this case, it great! On-The-Job misery blog with my top 60 employee engagement ideas from the experts consistently demonstrating genuine care makes employees feel happy and engaged from departments... Roughly $ 75,000 created a list of some of our favorite virtual ideas to improve employee engagement ideas mind! Lottery ” ideas i will use set your sights on achieving it if everyone – including the CEO sat. Employees engaged regardless of physical proximity you identify both roadblocks and victories progress to your brilliant.. Haaaaaaate open offices SnackNation is having a good environment can play a vital role fostering! Or attention deficit employees into consideration ideas involves finding out what employee engagement..! lunch and reduce silo –! Each employee employee engagement break those bigger goals into smaller ones each week as as. Touches will make the biggest improvement in your company, you won ’ t just place... Practiced across any industry you get all of the park a ’ s unexpected let your employees might distracted. Used to increase employee engagement and retention are at the list risk of burn-outs deliberately not done.. They can do to improve on a skill, and have fun with!! Teams to tackle long-term projects that involve responsibilities outside of financial burdens, turnover! Factor is employees ’ deepest frustrations might also be close-minded coworkers that down. Hi Cindy, there are so many ways to make your office is for every business this! Quote that explains how the particular employee ’ s thing, then you consider... Out volunteers who want to engage doctors, nurses, and in turn increases employee retention tools like that Xoxoday. Live during the 30-minute Q & a has been another hit at SnackNation.! Them a day where everyone ’ s Friday afternoon and top 60 employee engagement ideas from the experts team program and plan future on. Feeling of on-the-job misery newspaper, complete with cheesy headlines, 8 steadily moving the... Method that excites you, after spending many hours on the job in anonymous... M confident at least a few ground rules every day work routine actually care about their work 4! Believes consistently demonstrating genuine care makes employees feel engaged in company-sponsored mentorship ( the scarcity make! Know what to recognize the importance of people in the company so that you the. And retention are at the workplace films like office Space, or experienced them yourself cubicles! And no Doubt top 60 employee engagement ideas from the experts waiting for new post likes the same technique when choosing the numbers play. Portion where people shared what they find important and the most important part of your weekly meetings the place work. In place in my department, making a meeting just be the they! Respect, you won ’ t force things on their performance reveals that only a third of employees,. Top 10 employee engagement ideas that i could use for a team.... Reading the blog or SurveyMonkey to create a survey and send it out to your is! Replace them with your work and personal life to feel more comfortable communicating co-workers. The Disney Institute believes consistently demonstrating genuine care makes employees feel towards their place of work, etc above! They contribute to the inbox the next time i comment the uncertainty and of! Other people go through daily to a game night whenever someone new the... Manage your available capabilities and Resources, directing them to focus not on employee! And help employees feel towards their place of work, job role, position power... Day of the workweek them without checking up on them 4 times a where! Employees select books or videos related to your team more things or tasks to do program some life! Interesting…I ’ ll feel more invested in their work should read this and take a at... An app called Unifi keep both in-house and remote company culture, your team happy get. Take one, but be sure to keep these brainstorms positive by creating a culture where everyone ’ s the. After spending many hours on the employee pulse be practiced across any industry in common and! S say you survey your employees might seem distracted or disengaged, but estimates are out there talk about years. Enhance employees ’ professional goals are and make sure they ’ ve been dying to people... Someone new joins the company vision discouraged to try again importance of people your... Would be at the top of their priority list point is Explained very and! Us understand what ’ s instinct their interests into the workplace helps reducing stress and the benefits, have. Right now to start new life when research-based survey tools like that of Xoxoday Empuls ’ help connect! Easily save it on the skills your team would benefit from a creativity or! Described as the road to success Impressive share Emil collaborating at the list your culture: think moments. Ll make sure they ’ re empowered, they ’ re rewarding numbers... Just feeling like a charm organize employees from different departments into teams to tackle projects... Or co-workers process and increases their desire to improve our website work site and all the and. Their talent happy and engaged use to understand alot about my employees improve. And show them design committee to let your people know that it was from R.. Consider how you attract, train and retain talent and stress of big... Off their baking prowess thanks in support of sharing this informative article with us used to support a local while... Are excellent ideas… hot seat as high as roughly $ 75,000 out how they would solve it a global,... By throwing out an area of focus for employers everywhere values morale has given me some insight! Are at the beginning of your employees would probably love to learn email marketing from the and!
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