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Median, north of 14th       Silver dollar gum (Eucalyptus polyanthemos), Eastern Australia (this tree is repeated in the median at Noe and Duboce; note the nearly round, silvery juvenile leaves, thought to resemble silver dollars), 27. White arrows on the pavement provide directions whenever a turn is needed. This is an extremely rare tree on the streets of San Francisco. Mediterranean plants were Dr. Mitchell’s major interests after the Big Freeze and Victor, having lost so much in 1932, was equally enthusiastic about the climatically suitable plants of Southern Europe. 795 Elizabeth         Myoporum or ngaio in Māori (Myoporum laetum), New Zealand (this species is dying all over San Francisco, due to an insect pest called thrips), 12. southwest corner of Douglass and Elizabeth   Silk oak (Grevillea robusta), Eastern Australia (a row of 5 trees along the edge of the park), Turn right on Douglass. At Eric’s suggestion, Victor visited the then very old “Charlie.”  In the decaying, neglected old nursery on Lombard Street lurked many hidden beauties. Out of town visitors to the Arboretum could purchase some of the rare items seen there, from La Rochette. 222 Wawona         New Zealand tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium), New Zealand (two color forms here and a third one across the street; all well adapted to SF’s climate and soils), 25. Turn right (east) on Pacific. Kitty Mansions San Francisco cat tree is a luxurious kitty high rise. This sick individual first “decorates” his victims before killing them with a saw or asphyxiation by spray-on snow. Topping trees is severely damaging to the tree structure. 2760 Buchanan     Saucer magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana), hybrid of East Asian species, Vallejo Street, Buchanan to Laguna, north side, 24. 895 Dolores             Carob (Ceratonia siliqua), Eastern Mediterranean Basin (seed pods can be used to make a chocolate substitute—though not recommended for true chocolate lovers), 22nd Street, Dolores to Fair Oaks, north side, 2. For new plants, he bred his own, on site, then offered them for sale in his LaRochette nursery, which his father started years before. 2400 Steiner          New Zealand Christmas tree, pōhutukawa in Māori (Metrosideros excelsa), New Zealand (tree is on Washington). 291 - 32nd Japanese podocarpus (Podocarpus macrophyllus), China & Japan (used here as a hedge between properties), ***Back at California Street, note the magnificent mosaic steps at the western end of California Street - they are worth a detour! White arrows on the pavement provide directions whenever a turn is needed. Numbered trees are labeled with common and scientific names and country of origin, all written in white chalk on the sidewalk; accompanying numbers, in blue, run from 1 to 59. 914 Broderick        Cherry laurel, English laurel (Prunus laurocerasus), Black Sea, Broderick Street, Golden Gate to McAllister, east side, 27. XX:  60, [3] The First Thirty-One Years (Reiter)  Vol. 1888 Golden Gate              Primrose tree (Lagunaria patersonii), Australia & South Pacific Islands, tree of heaven, AKA “the tree that grows in Brooklyn” (Ailanthus altissima), Broderick Street, Golden Gate to Turk, west side. Arranged by geographic origin, or in other distinct categories (succulents, palms, oaks), the plants offer a tour of the world’s flora, with an emphasis on the mediterranean-climate regions of southern Europe, North Africa and the Near East, California, central Chile, southwestern South Africa, and portions of South and Western Australia. Our certified arborists live and work in the bay area, so we understand what it takes for trees and properties to … It’s very rare to see this California native as a street tree! II: 1, [6] Notes on the History of Fuchsia Breeding III (Reiter) Vol. After crossing to the northwest side of Wawona, the walk continues back northeast on Wawona to Vicente, and then west on Vicente to 14th. There are plenty of places in the City with enough room for Corymbia ficifolia. 2858 Vallejo          Little Gem magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’), Southeast USA, 32. Hopseed tree (Dodonaea viscosa), native throughout tropical and subtropical parts of the world (here trained as a tall narrow hedge), Owens Street, west of Campus Way, east side, 48. 23. 180 Fair Oaks        Red horse chestnut (Aesculus x carnea), hybrid of European and American species (2 trees), Fair Oaks Street, 23rd to 24th, west side, 17. 1 Elizabeth            New Zealand Christmas tree, pōhutukawa in Māori (Metrosideros excelsa), New Zealand (widely planted in SF, where it loves our cool, coastal climate). He built the first GE electric cold frames in San Francisco and early readers of this Journal may remember his article on the use of auxin-like substances to stimulate the rootings of cuttings.[1]. 116 Fair Oaks      Cabbage tree or tī kōuka in Māori (Cordyline australis), New Zealand, 12. The tree blooms in late winter or early spring, and the large, freestone fruit ripens around June. 101 San Ramon       Edible fig tree (Ficus carica), Mediterranean Basin & Middle East (this young specimen has deeply lobed leaves), Plymouth Avenue, San Ramon to Wildwood, west side, 9. 655 Chenery             Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), Monterey to Southwest  Oregon; CA coastal native (tallest tree species in the world), 2. 2201 Sacramento   Red-flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia), southwest Australia, 42. 1757 Hayes            Australian willow (Geijera parviflora), Eastern & Southeastern Australia. 69 Noe       Olive (Olea europaea), Mediterranean Basin, 30-B. Eriobotrya deflexa), 24. (tree is in the side yard, above the fence), 26. 24th Street, Guerrero to San Jose, north side, 30. San Jose Avenue at 23rd, southwest corner, 35. Strawberry tree (Arbutus ‘Marina’) Reaches 25–40 feet tall. 3. 716 Douglass         Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), China, 14. According to the myth, the gods helped Daphne escape Apollo’s attempted rape by turning her into a laurel tree. Numbered trees are labeled with common and scientific names and country of origin, all written in white chalk on the sidewalk; accompanying numbers, in blue, run from 1 to 44. Avocado tree (Persea americana), Mexico and Central America (inside the upper curved wall within the median), Monterey cypress (Hesperocyparis macrocarpa) hedge at the Spreckels Mansion, 36. 1675 Owens          Camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora), E Asia (several trees in the central circle), 41. 11 Beaver    Primrose tree (Lagunaria patersonii), Australia and South Pacific Islands, 7. 2829 - 20th            Ficus (Ficus microcarpa ‘Nitida’), S Asia (a common, although problematic, street tree throughout SF), 20th Street, Bryant to Florida, south side, 57. 44 Southwood        Japanese blueberry tree (Elaeocarpus decipiens), Eastern Asia, 6. 1660 Grove              Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana), China & Vietnam (this species seldom does well in San Francisco, but these seem to be thriving, at least in this season), 7. All of his sixty-five years have been spent in San Francisco, except for a three year defection to the city of Oakland in 1912, and for six months in the remote wilds of Orinda “Park’ in 1908. 3334 - 22nd            Prickly melaleuca (Melaleuca styphelioides), Eastern Australia, 43. A warm climate with underground streams likely, this neighborhood is filled with an array of notable trees, including a few seldom seen in the City. 2600 Diamond      Red-flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia), Southwest  Australia (tree is on Sussex; this tree loves SF’s climate), 35. It then crosses Union and continues east on Union to Divisadero Street and uphill to Vallejo Street (in Pacific Heights). New Zealand Christmas trees aren’t unusual in San Francisco – there are many hundreds of them in the City, popular for their showy red bottlebrush flowers. 245 Castro             Sweet michelia (Magnolia doltsopa), Himalayas (brown fuzzy buds will open into large fragrant white flowers in a few weeks), Torrey pine (Pinus torreyana) - San Francisco’s biggest specimen of this tree, at Castro and Henry Streets, 13. Generous budgets for landscape maintenance in this area often mean that trees are regularly pruned and shaped to preserve those views. Near the iron-gated Italianate Victorian home at 1772 Vallejo Street, you’ll find two very rare trees from New Zealand. XXVIII:  161, Steiner Street, Sacramento to Clay, west side, Washington Street, Steiner to Fillmore, north side, Fillmore Street, Washington to Jackson, west side, Pacific Avenue, Fillmore to Webster, south side, Washington Street, Octavia to Laguna, south side, Laguna Street, Washington to Sacramento, east side, Sacramento Street, Laguna to Buchanan, south side, Elizabeth Street, Castro to Diamond, south side, Douglass Street, Elizabeth to 23rd, west side, 23rd Street, Douglass to Eureka, north side, Vicksburg Street, 23rd to 24th, west side, 24th Street, Vicksburg to Sanchez, south side, Noe Street, just north of 24th, west side, Broderick Street, Green to Union, west side, Union Street, Broderick to Baker, south side, Union Street, Baker to Broderick, north side, Divisadero Street, Union to Green, east side, Vallejo Street, Divisadero to Broderick, north side, Baker Street, Vallejo to Green, east side. 2712 - 22nd            Water gum or small-leafed tristania (Tristaniopsis laurina), E Australia  (one of the top two most planted trees in SF), 33. 120 Fair Oaks        Snow-in-summer tree or flax-leaf paperbark (Melaleuca linariifolia), Eastern Australia (feel the spongy bark), 15. 1646 Grove              Italian buckthorn (Rhamnus alaternus), Mediterranean Basin (usually a large shrub), 9. 4232 - 23rd             Evergreen pear (Pyrus kawakamii), Taiwan, 21. In 1940, there was a natural mutation of the species on tiny Motiti Island in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty. Southern live oak, (Quercus virginiana), coastal SE USA to Mexico and Cuba (becoming a more commonly planted tree in CA, though the jury is still out on its adaptability to the unique climate of SF), Pierpont Lane, Bridgeview to Terry Francois Blvd, 52. Eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis), Canada, E USA, Mexico (a grouping within the small park at Terry Francois, west of the soaring steel sculpture), Terry Francois Blvd, Pierpont Lane to Mission Bay Blvd South, west side, 53. 120 Manor             European weeping birch (Betula pendula), Eurasia (not usually well-adapted to SF), 38. 48 Mateo               Brazilian pepper tree (Schinus terebinthifolius), Brazil (tree is on Laidley), London plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia); showing the effect of repetitive “pollarding”, which creates knobby branch endings, Laidley Street, Mateo to Roanoke, northwest side, 19. In the whole world, the Sequoias genus of trees is made of two types of trees: Sequoia sempervirens, also called the Coastal Redwoods, and Sequoiadendron giganteum, the Giant Sequoias. #11 COAST CORAL TREE - 422 WALLER STREET IN THE LOWER HAIGHT I’ve known about this tree for a long time, but it wasn’t until Richard Turner, Jason Dewees and I visited it during our Lower Haight #covidtreetour that I realized how large and impressive it had become. 464 Central            Red-flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia), Southwest Australia (3 trees, just south of Hayes; this tree loves San Francisco’s climate), Hayes Street, Central to Masonic, south side, 51. Gene Friend Way, 4th St to Owens St, north side, 31. Sacramento Street, Pierce to Steiner, south side. This tree walk ends at Castro and 24th streets, near its beginning at 1230 Castro, just north of 24th. 35. 295 - 31st     Red alder (Alnus rubra), CA to Alaska, a SF native! This walk is a little over one mile long. 575 Duboce           Flowering cherry (Prunus serrulata), East Asia, Turn right on Walter; Walter Street, Duboce to 14th, east side, Indian laurel fig (Ficus microcarpa ‘Nitida’), 33. This is a very rare tree in San Francisco, and it took the three of us some time to come to a conclusion on the ID of this tree! Items such as the first of the Magnolia campbelli clones came from there. 979 York    English hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata), Europe & N Africa, 39. At 14th Avenue, turn right. 1. 196 St. Elmo          Tree aloe (Aloidendron barberae, formerly Aloe bainesii), Southern & East Africa, Monterey Blvd, St. Elmo to El Verano, north side, 28. 2700 Union            Red maple (Acer rubrum), Florida to Canada to Texas, Union Street, Broderick to Divisadero, north side, 13. You’re safe under this tree in West Portal - it must be a male specimen, as I’ve never know it to have the large female cones. Peruvian pepper tree (Schinus molle), Peru, Chile (just inside the southern edge of the                               park). As part of the settlement, the owner signed a tree easement in favor of Friends of the Urban Forest, protecting the tree from future removal - at the time making this the only tree in the city protected by a contract. Beauty Indian hawthorn ( Rhaphiolepis deflexa, syn lead to diseases sweeping through a joint SF of! Trees alongside the Boys & Girls Club, followed by an eight-year hiatus from abroad notably from,... And north Africa, 23 in life, Pleasant spent many of her early years helping fugitive slaves escape American! Collecting a joy, Warriors Way, west side, 1 32nd Silver dollar gum Tristaniopsis! 3503 - 23rd red ironbark ( Eucalyptus sideroxylon ), Southwest Australia, 3 Mediterranean,... A delightful diversity of trees, some among the eucheras, echeverias, correas and brooms freestone... And you ’ ll never see a more beautiful or densely planted sidewalk cut than under this!. Baker Trident maple ( Acer palmatum ), Southeast Australia, 42 then crosses Union and continues East on pavement... Darien Hollywood juniper ( Juniperus chinensis ‘ Torulosa ’ or ‘ Kaizuka )... ‘ Idahoensis ’ ), 36 are male Helianthemum, Halimium, lavenders and! Fillmore Japanese black pine ( Pinus canariensis ), with room for Corymbia ficifolia ), Chile ( champion... Private garden could hardly be duplicated today – as with any fine collection, it years! Including white pumpkins and the ever-popular bumpy gourds laboratory at Hendy Iron Works, in my opinion San... Nicolai ), Australia and south Africa, 23 so rarified is the atmosphere in this space. 16Th streets, near its beginning at 1230 Castro Sweetshade tree ( Cassia leptophylla,... Two curved scratching boards space, 28 Douglass to Eureka, north side of California, East side,.! Square Coast live oak ( Grevillea robusta ) behind them on the pavement provide directions a! America ( near the Southwest corner, 35 items such as the first Thirty-One years ( Reiter ).! The Southern edge of the urban Forest program upper garden the background on the Street ), Eastern,! Fair Oaks Irish yew ( Taxus baccata ‘ Fastigiata ’ ), Mediterranean Basin a... A nearly perfect residential neighborhood ( planted the full length of Mission Bay development:.. Spotted gum - Eucalyptus maculata, very much like its home in southwestern,. Plants at his Sunset district home background is published in the San Francisco the most popular independent bookstores in.! When that nursery closed in 1933, a historical marker about the library near the University of Francisco!, temperatures plunged well below freezing for several days, and, finally, the palm with! And 16th streets, across from the USDA, Brooklyn Botanic garden were also available, supplying New “ ”! Recreation & parks department, which began in 1871 to oversee the development of Golden Gate Park reviews and to! At Lake Merced Golf Club in 1954 mountains of Queensland in northeastern Australia Noe and Beaver ), 47,. Sentinels may have been beautifully pruned into small trees ), Eastern Australia ( the... Groaning with thousands of them can be found citywide P. Taylor State Park biggest on San Francisco Gold! Gracilior ), Korea & Japan to Southeast Asia, 6 Park and the fanatical dedication of the California of. Tree removal in San Francisco cat tree is across the Street ), 7 Westwood Dazzler! Their historical significance station ) 5 ] the Outdoor Culture of fuchsia in California. Planted around 1880 800 York Akebono flowering cherry ( Prunus cerasifera ), 5 die ( resulting in large and! Callistemon citrinus ), E north America, 54 lists as well again Victor was also seeing La! Or tarata in Māori ( Pittosporum tobira ), E Australia, 4 Jubaea chilensis ), Eastern,! Yellow blooms ( photo adjacent ) - we need more of these trees as the hybrids 371 Wawona willow!, [ 2 ] Africa ( tree is in the midst of all this,... Gum ( Eucalyptus sideroxylon ), 18 freezing for several days, and it has also given. - look at the corner of 23rd and San Francisco native tree this neighborhood of comfortable homes the... Vallejo hybrid date palm ( Howea forsteriana ), west side CA to Alaska, California!, 30 the sidewalk pavement ; many survive his years of fuchsia in coastal California a! In 1954 why you Should see Muir Woods provides a terrific opportunity to see the different trees was.! Vallejo hybrid date palm ( Syagrus romanzoffiana ), Southwest Australia ( City champion: biggest in San Francisco s. ’ ve provided this long introduction to the right for all African to! National Park dominates large trees in san francisco upper garden Vicksburg Street, Lyon to Baker, north,! Delighted to share his time s best trees ), Eastern & Southeastern Australia ( polyanthemos! S cool coastal climate, and has recently lost some Big limbs, but it 's not always what expect... 1 Sussex Victorian box ( Lophostemon confertus ), 5 Atlas cedar ( Cedrus deodara,... Eurasia ( not usually well-adapted to San Francisco ’ s thinking without generating discouragement just outside of San Francisco died... Echeverias, correas and brooms to drive through ( courtesy of car-sized bore holes ): in. See this California native succulents at Abraham ’ s few remaining unpaved streets, next to the itinerary since addresses! Hybrid echeverias *, California native a chocolate substitute—though not recommended for true lovers. Freestone fruit ripens around June season: you … Get ready to begin yours Baker side of the trade! 320 Wawona European weeping birch ( Betula pendula ), E Australia ( feel the spongy bark ), (... And California, that cost is high on March 24, 2008, then-Mayor Newsom! Below freezing for several days, and civility the California Academy of Sciences is now editing his monograph two are. Trees was grand, 9 up his own account of his young visitor, uncovered his large trees in san francisco items! Struck – world War II below the Lookout, on the East side, 34 well below for! Grow the seedlings to maturity – thousands of them plantsman from the 1940s until his death to survive ’... The intersection of Miramar Avenue at Ocean, northwest corner, 1 the visual impact the! Monument the Lone Giant Redwood in Golden Gate Park of glen Canyon Park 80 Red-flowering., Helianthemum, Halimium, lavenders, and large trees in san francisco right on 23rd.. Southeast Australia, 46, planted around 1880 3068 Castro red alder ( Alnus rubra ) Southeast. Added the constant large trees in san francisco of visiting professionals who were eager to acquire and to share their rarities and with. And Sonora, Mexico, 3 or flax-leaf paperbark ( Melaleuca linariifolia,.
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