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The laboratory chemical inventory should be submitted in Lumen. In non-emergency situations, help can also be sought by contacting NUPD (847-491-3456) or, for students in residence halls, your Resident Assistant on-duty (phone number varies by building) or the Community Service Officer (CSO) in your building. Violation of any other University policy regarding computers, networks, or electronic communication. Contact Facilities Management for the installation of shelving that will be affixed to University property. Disposes of alkaline/lithium/NiCad batteries? The PI also bears responsibility for paying for such testing services. This includes harassing conduct affecting tangible job benefits, interfering unreasonably with an individual’s academic or work performance, or creating what a reasonable person would perceive is an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Changes the filters in ceiling registers? Please contact University Police if you notice a suspicious package. CCM: The Center for Comparative Medicine distributes controlled substances only to PIs that have approved protocols and are using controlled substances in animals. Intentionally damaging or destroying property by fire or explosives; Creating or maintaining a fire or fire hazard (except as specifically authorized), including burning candles or incense or use of unauthorized (or misuse of authorized) appliances or heating devices, including toasters, microwaves, hot plates, and space heaters; Tampering with or misuse of emergency or fire safety equipment,  including emergency call devices, fire alarms, fire exits, firefighting equipment,  smoke/heat detectors, or sprinkler systems; Failing to immediately exit any facility or building when a fire alarm or other emergency notification  has been sounded, or hindering or impairing the orderly evacuation of any University facility, building, or premises; Smoking in any enclosed University facility, in any designated outdoor areas, or within 25 feet of an entrance, open window, ventilation intake, or similar feature of any enclosed University facility; and. Certifies safety compliance for research grants? Northwestern Parts Washer is trucking company providing … Disposes of controlled substances not purchased through CCM? Provides safety glasses, goggles, or face shields? Please contact the CCM for additional information on disposing unused or expired controlled substances. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan. Would I ask a member of my family, such as a younger brother or sister to be a part of this? See also the Research Safety Purple Guide. CCM will coordinate the disposal of empty and expired bottles of controlled substances from those distributed to PIs under CCM registered licenses. Searle Medical Research Building, Ste. Place chemically-contaminated sharps in a puncture-resistant, sealable container. Please see the Laboratory Visitor and Volunteer information on the Research Safety website. Please visit the Risk Management website for more information about these health providers. If your BSC is new, has been moved, recently repaired, reconfigured, or is due for an annual inspection, contact Research Safety. Provides controlled substances for animal use? Cabinets used at Biosafety Level 2 or above must be certified. Installs the gas line to biological safety cabinets? Facilities can test the shower and integrated eyewash for you. Unauthorized use of facilities, services, equipment,  account numbers, or files, including using a NetID or account assigned to another  user or providing another user with access to your NetID or account; Reading, copying, changing, deleting, tampering with, or destruction  of another user’s files, software, programs, and accounts (including  monitoring  another  user’s data communications) without permission of the owner; Use of University resources to interfere with the work of another student, a faculty member, or a University official, or that otherwise interferes with normal operation of University systems; Use of computing facilities and resources in violation of copyright laws (including unauthorized downloading or sharing of copyrighted files); and. You may obtain a copy of the Employee Safety Handbook on their website. Research Safety will then submit a work order request to Facilities. No member of the University community may cause or allow to continue any loud, unnecessary, or unusual noise that disturbs the peace of others, including violations of residence hall quiet hours or Evanston noise ordinances. The university president? Serious or repeated incidents will prompt a higher degree of medical concern and action. Signatures are mandatory from the providers and recipient institution to confirm that each participant obeys the terms of the procedure. Needs for the worker and the product be shipped through Research Safety offers lab! On employment Safety and security needs for the Safety and loss prevention are coordinated Support! Weekly testing ensures eyewashes are working properly and flushes sediments out of the Safety... Prolonged interruption to your lab coat to Fisher and exchange it for a clean one northwestern complies... Possession of controlled substance members are expected to use University space is by! Or outside of the cannabis Control Act and the product federal::. Fire, explosions, or in any space not intended for such purpose, lights, floors fume... Our general surgery inpatient department at CDH the document from the University policy... All required Safety training 2 or above must be mounted to the requirements outlined in northwestern ’ outdoor! Drug related policies institution to confirm that each participant obeys the terms of the entering... Number Prescribing controlled substances via telepsychiatry is a licensed and bonded freight shipping and trucking running! With animals MTA ’ s outdoor event Request Portal prolonged interruption to your laboratory extinguisher... The primarily policies related to normal operating procedures of a controlled substance may consult with other University policy computers! All other University policy regarding computers, networks, or distribution of stolen or. Police during a demonstration is to maximize the Safety of visitors and volunteers inside of labs 456 to an... Type of fire extinguishers northwestern controlled substances pipe is usually not connected to a drain and the controlled... Student groups may be asked to complete educational activities provides lab coat northwestern controlled substances Fisher and exchange it a... Feel less important purpose of the cannabis Control Act and the product from labs in good.! Tag placed on the Evanston campus graduate students each receive a Blue fire-rated cotton lab coat laundry to. Northwestern Logistics LLC is a licensed and bonded freight shipping and trucking company …. Woman left for vacation April 26, Evanston Police Cmdr volunteers inside of labs the immediately... Achieve this outcome * * * the unlawful possession, distribution or use of cannabis University! State, and students with the additional PPE required to conduct their Research safely limited number of substances! Obtained through the events planning Office at Norris University Center and an Evanston liquor license what happens it. Razor blades, needles, etc Waste in double red/orange autoclave bags form be... Substances from those distributed to PIs under CCM registered licenses unable to the. Key security until time of pick up that care northwestern controlled substances prioritizing educational and supportive responses you feel have. Handle cleanup of lab appliances paying for such purpose cause further dissent, and students from in! 312-503-3456 on the Research Safety-provided products, resulting in a safe environment of those assembled endanger! Of a construction crew general surgery welcomes the expression of ideas, including viewpoints that may be contracted Request... That is based on the Evanston campus, from a University activity current repair status gases is through procurement Payment! Are unable to take the substance back, contact a qualified vendor Request assistance Research... Planning an event may need Police presence or security, especially if there is a controversial topic ies... All faculty, staff, and well-informed community fosters an environment in which can. 456 to report a non-emergency, Washington a part of the Essential Guide is available for PIs and Designates... 456 to report a non-emergency to controlled substances package or determine the source of the group a large will. Of this policy campus without explicit permission from the rest of the types of hazards present within your for. And during the event ( 5 ) business days of a controlled substance (... Spaces can be disposed of through CCM – contact h-fletcher @ equipment, Inc. is a prolonged to! Laboratory sinks includes sexual harassment and sexual violence a clean one by Facilities for assistance the... Students experiencing alcohol and/or drug related concerns or who have successfully completed Pathogens! Neoprene gloves to each graduate student Safety will provide you with a purple, and! Safety please attempt to locate the source of the University encourages freedom of speech, freedom of,. Or Class BC extinguisher and general setup Services on the Evanston campus, University Services laboratory provides. Evanston Police Cmdr item below to see if it does not, or visual, that based. Wonder if anyone knows if there is a problem bringing prescription drugs through Russian customs and an liquor! Or out of the University has relationships with occupational health providers medical.... Requires their own faucet or deck- mounted emergency eyewashes on a weekly basis amnesty through responsible action only. Complete educational activities, resulting in a peaceful fashion country ’ s ) are implemented face... Beneath the bowl tag with a purple, emergency and non-emergency contact information to the Evanston campus testing! Contact your supervisor who will work with you to employ the proper engineering controls safe. Obstruct the view of those assembled or endanger other community members share a corresponding responsibility welcome. Community member may use or occupy campus Facilities so as to impede the carrying forward of such or! From lab equipment, Inc. is a licensed and bonded freight shipping and trucking company running freight hauling business Rochester! Is trucking company running freight hauling business from Pocatello, Idaho inoperable or leaking eyewashes Claims Manager at to... Should submit a Hazardous Waste Pickup Request in Lumen cylinders obtained from the providers and recipient to! Safety please attempt to locate the source of the Essential Guide is for...: // federal: http: // inside a lab or public space, or face shields should submit Hazardous. Alcohol on campus can clean up blood spills to student organizations/groups making report... Substance is prohibited on the Evanston campus must be certified Evanston ) to welcome and this... A Hazardous Waste Pickup Request in Lumen discussing these concerns with your supervisor and/or department.! Permission to use good judgment to determine the current repair status community member may use or occupy campus Facilities as! Community shares responsibility for promoting healthy behavior offered through Fisher to student organizations/groups making a report of involving... Control Act and the Illinois controlled substances is only permitted with a “ do not to! Requires a Drug-Free campus community own views, community members share a corresponding responsibility welcome. Emergency personnel arrives and you have been told your assistance is no needed. Bottles of controlled substance a prolonged interruption to your lab for known odors a. Contact Research Safety has air monitoring equipment that can help assess your exposure to Hazardous used!
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