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Recent Content. In this Genshin Impact Razor build guide and overview, you will get to know about the weapon and artifact that suits him well and improve his core performance in the battles. You can try your hands on it then and see if you like this character. Best Genshin Impact Razor build: Example set ups Razor is best suited to a standard DPS role, focusing on his Electro abilities. ATQ Base: 46. Obtain it from gacha. So that covers the Genshin Impact Razor Build Guide; best weapon and artifact for Razor, skills, passive talents, and overview! Looking for the best Genshin Impact Razor build? I won’t go too much into Razor’s build, but normally you look for Gladiator set and stats like atk %, Crit DMG, Crit Rate, Phys atk %. If you are looking to pair Razor with a five-star Claymore, look no further than the Wolf's Gravestone; a fitting weapon for the wolf boy. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. So, here's how to get Razor in Genshin Impact, and some builds for the hero once you've done that. Ketika saat dia memasuki mode The Wolf Within, dia akan […] For More Updates, Game News, Game Guides, New Game Releases, And ALERTS – Like Us On Facebook – Gaming Soul, Follow Us On Twitter – Gaming Soul. - Midsummer Courtyard Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run) Gives an electro damage buff + any electro reaction buff, but the main star is the elemental skill CD. Pride of eden best formation. Find Venti Build In Genshin impact here including Best Weapon for Venti from 3 stars to 5 stars, Best Artifact Set, and Build Set such as Anemo DPS, Anemo Support. Others: increases the ATK by ~25%. This build empowers Razor’s physical damage output, synergising with the bonuses from his Lightning Fang burst skill. Popular Character Guides © Please do note that there are characters performance’ vary according to the equipped weapon, artifact, current level, talents, etc. This build Enhance Razor elemental skill and burst to output maximum Electro damage. Get the best gear possible for Genshin Impact's fan-favourite Razor - we've listed his best weapons, artifacts, and more. mobile-game. Build Razor DPS Terbaik Genshin Impact Kali ini Esportsku akan memberikan build terbaik yang bisa kalian gunakan untuk Razor sebagai DPS dalam permainan Genshin Impact. However, you may have some top-tier DPS fighters already, and are looking to Razor to fill a gap. If you are looking for the best build of Razor then you have come to the right place. Do you have any suggestions? ". Attaquer les ennemis avec une durée de vie inférieure à 30%, augmente l’ATK de tous les coéquipiers de 40% pendant 12 sec. Others say he is a wolf spirit in human form. Razor merupakan karakter bintang empat yang memiliki Elemental Burst seperti Susanoo tapi KW. Thundering Fury – equip this artifact to Razor to grant him an electro DMG bonus + empower his DMG caused by elemental reactions. That’s the best weapon and artifact build for Genshin Impact Razor. Amber Barbara Beidou Bennett Chongyun Diluc Diona Fischl Jean Kaeya Keqing Klee Lisa Mona Ningguang Noelle Qiqi Razor Sucrose Tartaglia Traveler (Anemo) Traveler (Geo) Venti Xiangling Xiao Xingqiu Xinyan Zhongli Albedo. Also, increases the party members’ ATK; on hit, strike against foes with HP lower than 30% raise all party members’ ATK for a few seconds. Genshin Impact can be funny, but with most of the characters being nobles, politicians, or actual gods, your party can be a little aloof. Post Views: 9,949. With both talents active, Razor Attacks with Electro and Hydro damage, in addition to Physical damage at the same time. Razor swings forwards, dealing Electro damage through electric claws. After a chance encounter with the Knights of Favonius' Grand Master, Varka, he has slowly started integrating with humans again. Stay tuned for more information about games and don’t forget to follow Dunia Games on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. Also Read >>Genshin Impact: Fischl Recommended Weapon and Artifact Build. Elemental Burst: Razor summons wolf for battle assistance; electro damage to nearby foes, clears electro sigils and convert to energy, raises attack speed, and electro elemental resistance. During this time, the wolf within will strike alongside Razor’s normal attacks, thus dealing electro damage. Gagnant: Gacha % ATQ. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Gaming Soul for new mobile game videos. Razor has been a firm fan-favourite in Genshin Impact since the very beginning. Base stats: +base ATK, ATK. Razor is one of the 4-star characters in Genshin Impact – belongs to the DPS class and is a beast that preys the enemies with the skills he has. 1669. Genshin Impact Guides When we are in need of excellent physical damage output, Razor is our first choice. 11/24/2020. In that case, he can also act as a support fighter. Razor summons an Electro wolf to fight alongside him, raising his Speed stat and Electro resistance, and granting him Immunity to any Electro-adjacent status. In Genshin Impact, Razor is a quite popular DPS character. Coba sekarang juga! Best Electro DPS Artifact Stats Best Physical DPS Build This build focus on Razor damage in order to output damage as much as possible. He is also one the few characters who can almost make the entire elemental system irrelevant through the sheer amount of physical damage he can output with the right Razor build. Your support goes a long way in helping me put out quality genshin impact content every week. Inilah build Razor terbaik di Genshin Impact. Gladiator’s Finale – this artifact will help you improve Razor’s attack, normal attack damage. Genshin Impact Fischl build: Kit out the DPS princess He's a highly dependable character, good at everything, but falls short of greatness. A short guide to building Razor from Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact multiplayer: Play with friends is a Genshin Impact Database, Genshin Impact Builder and Genshin Impact Team Builder for the Genshin Impact game for PC, Switch, Playstation 4, and mobile game app on iOS and Android. Check out this Genshin Impact guide on Razor's skills and build. La mejor build para Razor DPS Físico serían 4 piezas del set del Final del Gladiador, que nos proporciona un gran escalado de ATQ por usar Claymore.Si queremos optar solo por Daño Físico, podemos ponerle 2 piezas del set Caballería Sanguinaria junto a otras dos del Gladiador, aunque no es del todo aconsejable, ya que perdemos el bonus de daño que nos da el Gladiador por llevar Claymore. Appropriateness depends on the content In Praede, the quests that prioritize single firepower, back row attacks, and general attacks differ depending on the content. Razor Build, Weapons, & Artifacts Date : 2020-11-04 By : KingLegend 0. Wolf’s Gravestone – this one is a 5-star grade weapon that would improve Razor’s base attack; quite a good weapon for DPS characters. Wolf’s Tombstone (5*) MEILLEUR. “Prototype Aminus” – equip this weapon to Razor to scale up his ATK DMG. Hướng dẫn cách build Razor trong Genshin Impact một tướng DPS vừa có sát thương nguyên tố vừa có sát thương vật lý với lối đánh dễ dàng cho người mới chơi. is not affiliated with or endorsed by miHoYo. Genshin Impact map: All Anemoculus locations. Augmente atk de 20%. His five-star build can be found below though, just in case. Honestly, you'll probably get Razor by accident. Walaupun begitu, dia merupakan salah satu karakter DPS yang tidak bisa diremehkan. Chances are you'll be after a five-star character (with a measly pull chance of 0.6 percent), but end up with Razor (who, alongside the other 13 four-stars in the banner, has a pull chance of 2.2 percent). Razor is a playable Electro character in Genshin Impact. Also, a brief evaluation of him in all sorts of game modes. Razor is the character for those who prefer to play Genshin Impact as a more straightforward RPG, switching out characters less frequently. He's a real utility man, basically a healing ability away from being a Genshin Impact Swiss Army Knife. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Uzui Seiki. Genshin Impact Resin: How to get and spend it Genshin Impact Klee build: Set up the excellent fighter. The wolf itself will attack with Electro damage every time Razor launches a Normal Attack, but will disable Razor's Charged Attack. Here’s our version of the best Razor build in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact Razor Build Guide: find out which weapon and artifact build would be the best for Razor and also get familiar with his skills, talents. During the main storyline, you will get to a point where you can take Razor for a trial run. Each Electro Sigil cleared in … For every hit, Razor will gain an Electro Sigil, stacking up to three. Razor is miHoYo's Princess Mononoke, a boy of the wolves who fights with his wild brethren by his side. GENSHIN IMPACT GUIDE BUILD RAZOR ... Armes pour la Build de Razor? tips. Genshin Impact Venti build: Optimise the archer link to Pride of eden best formation. Handy for players looking to avoid sacrificing their money to the gacha gods. Razor, a boy raised in the wild who speaks in broken, animalistic sentences, is a great foil for that. The Claymore swinging, Elctro using character was born to run with the wolves. Including how to get Razor, voice actor, best weapons, best artifacts, talents, & ascend materials! Others: chances to strike an additional ATK DMG to foes. Charging Claw and Thunder with these Sigils will create an AoE thunderstorm which deals huge Electro damage. Genshin Impact Build: Razor The Incredible Wolf This Razor Incredible Wolf Build uses a combination of Razor’s Elemental Burst, the Lightning Fang, and the Guhua Sword Talents of Xingqiu which creates persistent Rain Swords. NY 10036. Get the edge with a handy Genshin Impact Razor build. Genshin Impact Razor – Kỹ năng, cung mệnh, cách build hiệu quả nhất, tham khảo ngay cách build với bộ trang bị và thánh dị vật mạnh nhất. Genshin Impact Best Team for Razor By: foyerhead. Even if you didn't plan to land Razor, he can still be a great party member if you know how to use him. A DPS Electro fighter armed with a Claymore, Razor is a useful member of any party. A few things to note down before you check out Razor Build: –. You can take him for a trial run, at one point, during the main storyline. There was a problem. Genshin Impact build: The best overall setups Build for RazorEdit: As I proceed, I found out the best stats for Razor is not ATT %, it is Crit DMG+Crit rate and Physical DMG.3440x1440pGenshin Impact is not affiliated with or endorsed by miHoYo. Razor is more likely to be utilized by F2P players who are pulling packs rarely, so it seems stupid to suggest pairing him with a five-star weapon you aren’t going to pull. This character can easily be your team’s carry. A popular DPS character in Genshin Impact is Razor, the claymore wielding electro carry. Klee Build Guide: Best Weapon & Artifact(Genshin Impact), Traveler Build: Best Weapon & Artifact(Genshin Impact), Normal Attack:  Razor strikes the enemies; x4 hits, Charged Attack: Razor spins and attack nearby enemies; consumes stamina, Plunging Attack: leap, hit the surface, and cause DMG on the enemies, Elemental Skill: with the elemental skill, Razor uses the claw to strike enemies and inflict Electro damage to non-friendly units in front. Check Out – Best mobile games. He probably wouldn't make anybody's dream team ahead of his five-star competition, but he's a malleable party member no matter who else you have in your ranks. Razor become imbued by the wolf within, drastically increasing his overall power for 15 seconds. Genshin Impact Diluc build: Boost the DPS stalwart Genshin Impact - Best Build For Razor. Also, gains electro Sigil that improves the energy recharge rate. Submit Here. Genshin Impact Fischl build: Kit out the DPS princess Genshin Impact Klee build: Set up the excellent fighter Genshin Impact Razor build: Strengthen the wolf lord Genshin Impact Diona build… Please refresh the page and try again. Now, let’s not waste any time and check it out! Gathers Electro energy to unleash a lightning storm over a small AoE, causing massive Electro DMG, and clears all of Razor's Electro Sigils. He's part of the Wanderlust Invocation banner, a permanent promotion also home to five-star characters Diluc, Jean, Mona, Qiqi, and Keqing, as well as 13 other four-star characters and a lot of weapons. 1.) Genshin Impact Razor Build. Genshin Impact – Best Build For Razor. pc console. New York, There’s a lot to understand about Noelle if you want to build her successfully. Genshin Impact Razor Builds: Electro DPS - Hybrid Build Focuses both on elemental and physical damage as Razor is a hybrid character. That said, as a four-star character, he's much easier to acquire than some of Genshin Impact's more elite individuals. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! Oh, and he's not bad in battle either. Razor is a character in Genshin Impact. Build Razor DPS trong Genshin Impact là một trong những hướng đi rất hiệu quả cho game thủ, nhất là những người chơi không kiếm được các tướng 5* tốt như Diluc, Mona,…Với lối chơi thiên về sát thương vật lý, Razor có thể càn khỏe rất nhiều Bí Cảnh ở giai đoạn World 5 … Abandoned as an infant, Razor was taken in by the Wolf of the North, Andrius, and raised by his wolf pack in Wolvendom. Do you love playing mobile games? Genshin Impact Lisa: Which gifts to give PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Gunakan senjata dan artefak ini agar memiliki damage yang besar. If he’s a character you enjoy playing, it could be worth building him as your team’s carry. Razor is one of the 4-star characters in Genshin Impact – belongs to the DPS class and is a beast that preys the enemies with the skills he has. 2.) You will receive a verification email shortly. Genshin Impact tier list: Each character ranked game. Nah build ini tentu akan sangat cocok dan mampu mengoptimalkan kemampuan Razor dan … November 1, 2020. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, In this Genshin Impact Razor build guide and overview, you will get to know about the weapon and artifact that suits him well and improve his core performance in the battles. More Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact Ganyu Guide: Best Build, Artifacts, Team, & More; Genshin Impact Qingxin Guide – Qingxin Flower Location & Uses; Genshin Impact Xingqiu Guide: Best Build, Artifacts, & Team (January 2021) Abilities. Awakening: this talent reduces the elemental skill cooldown, Hunger: this talent improves energy recharge when Razor’s energy falls below 50%, Wolvensprint; reduces sprinting stamina consumption for friendly units. There are a lot of playable characters in Genshin Impact, and some are easier to obtain than others.One Genshin Impact character, Razor, is fairly commonly acquired using the game's gacha pull system by most players.The boy with the heart of a wolf can thrive in either DPS or Support roles. For Genshin Impact on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Razor worth building" - Page 3. 2.) The normal and charged attacks of Razor receive benefits from any phyisical damage while his Elemental Skill and Burst are of Electro damage type. For Genshin Impact on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Pure Crit or pure Phys build on Razor? ARTIFACT #2 (Recommended for slapping with jazz):Thundering Fury How do I get it D: ? Genshin Impact Characters List. Razor is best suited to a standard DPS role, focusing on his Electro abilities. Unlike other Elemental-reaction dependant characters, despite being … Razor has been a firm fan-favourite in Genshin Impact since the very beginning. Genshin Impact guide: 9 beginner tips Razor is most at home prowling through the forest, fighting with claw and thunder. 1.) Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Explore Teyvat with these Genshin Impact guides, Bethesda reveals a new Indiana Jones game being made by Wolfenstein studio MachineGames, Jane Austen's MMO for socialites shuts down, The best HDMI cable for PC gaming in 2021, Gigabyte Radeon RX 6800 XT Gaming OC Review. Lightning Fang, Razor’s elemental Burst, is probably my Favorite ability in Genshin Impact. Razor should use the same weapons as the DPS recommendation, with the Artifact set changing. Tags. However, you may have some top-tier DPS … Visit our corporate site. Razor is a DPS Claymore fighter, and provides a steady mix of regular attacks, Electro damage, one-on-one combat, AoE damage, party buffs, and recharge boosts.
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